Craft Room Project: 2 Cabinets Done!

Today was productive and I’m really pleased with these so far.

I have 2 cabinets as done as they can get before they are painted and mounted to the walls. Both have pieces that don’t get attached until they are on the wall, so those have to wait. I have the pieces cut for, them, though.

I’m just a little bit floored. These are all straight. They sit level. All the edges are within a light sanding tolerance and even that is only in a couple of places. I half expected these to be slightly off kilter as I had some issues with the drawers for the recessed space, but that isn’t the case with these. Possibly because I’m working with larger pieces and those not completely straight boards can be pulled into square a little easier than you could on the smaller drawers.

Whatever it is, seeing these go together so nicely is making me absolutely giddy.

Another trip to get the pieces for the cabinet I forgot to plan for is in order before I can start the next piece. The plan is to run out either tonight or tomorrow morning, so hopefully it doesn’t delay me too much.

Do you see how utterly nasty my walls are at the moment? Everything in my basement is covered in sawdust. I have a feeling I’ll be cleaning sawdust off of everything for years to come. I’m not even going to show you how horrible the recessed area looks right now.

Craft Room Project: Start of Cabinets

It wouldn’t be me if I didn’t change things up, yet again. I don’t think I can get through this project without at least another dozen changes.

This time, it’s really just changing my order/process going forward. The first plan when I was getting ready to start the cabinets was to paint all the pieces first. I decided that there was too much material that would end up in the scrap pile for me to do that, so I shifted my plans to cut first, then paint.

Today I decided I still didn’t like that idea, so I’m changing it again. A big reason for that is I really wasn’t thrilled with the fact that I thought I was ready to paint, cleaned up all the dust, only to realize I’d forgotten to cut a piece. Then it was that I realized I still needed to sand everything, after cleaning up a second time.

So I said forget it. The cutting, sanding and building process will be a non-stop mess and I really don’t want to screw up the paint on the finished cabinets. That and the cabinets have to be set on the underlayment that covers the entire floor before I can mount them and I really don’t want a paint mess on that.

Instead, I plan to get everything built and ready to install before I do any painting. That way I can just paint all the cabinets at once. It will be a little harder because it means doing some edging, but I think it will be the better option overall.

There is a very real possibility as well that my messier parts will have to move to the garage soon as some of these get built because I’m going to run out of space to work.

Between the changes, a few mistakes I had to fix (I’m frustrating the hell out of myself with my scatter brain that makes me forget things I really shouldn’t), all I managed to get accomplished today was the base corner cabinet. Even that isn’t completely done as I still have the wall side to build, but I have to work that around the access opening and I ran out of time today.

For a really simple start to the cabinets, this turned out pretty decent so far. The fact that it sits square has me giddy. I’ll have  to make a supply run before I can get started tomorrow because I somehow forgot even more than I thought I had yesterday.


Craft Room Project: Materials Planning Headache

This last week has been one long, drawn out headache.

I have had to make so many tweaks and adjustments to my plans to make everything work and then have to turn around and do something different again, because I realize I either did it wrong or that I was doing my damnedest to make something that should be easy, excruciatingly hard. All just to get the designs on paper so I could work up a materials list.

After several more days of putting together the impossible puzzle of each single piece of cabinet into a layout that could tell me how much of each type of material I needed, I managed to put together a materials list. It was MASSIVE.

I was so stressed and discouraged because I had zero clue how I was going to get all of it home. After talking with Hubby and doing even more shifting of plans and measuring vehicles, researching delivery options or renting another truck, we finally had a plan that would work.

We head out to get the first round (because of course there was no way all I needed was at a single store or was able to get in a single trip), and the very first item on my list crumbled all my plans to dust.

This is an example of plans on paper vs. reality are very different. The idea of a 4 foot by 8 foot sheet of 3/4 inch plywood isn’t all that daunting. Reality is that it is massive and heavy and unwieldy in the extreme. Especially if you aren’t a body builder. Even with plans to have the store do some initial cuts to make it possible for me to get it all home didn’t seem very realistic and I immediately dreaded the thought of having to work with it all on my own or even with a little help from Hubby was too much.

We got a handful of other things on my list, but abandoned those pieces so I could go home and try and rework my plans. Again.

We’d seen some smaller “project panel” sheets of the same material and thought I’d be able to go that route. By the time I finished replanning all the pieces, I realized that was yet another impossible option. I’d need more than what was available in the entire city and it would cost more than double what I’d spend if I’d just gotten the bigger sheets. Considering this is already expensive, I really wasn’t willing to go there.

I’m now back to the original plan, but still not sure how I’m going to be able to pull it all off. Those sheets are crazy heavy and I need 15 of those suckers.

The current plan is to go back on Monday when it isn’t crazy busy so I don’t feel bad about monopolizing an employee’s time to cut all those sheets down and either rent a truck or arrange to have them delivered. I haven’t a clue where I’m going to put it all when it gets here or how exactly I’m going to manage to get them all cut down to the sizes and pieces I need.

I’m so frustrated that all of this has taken so long and that I’m STILL not starting on these cabinets. Especially because the bulk of this will still have to be painted before I can do anything.

Craft Room Project: Finalizing Cabinet Layouts

The next couple of days are going to be full of this. My brain is going to be screaming by the time I’m done with all the math. Hopefully, I don’t botch it too much.

I do expect this to take several days because every time I work on a new area, I realize I did something wrong on a previous area I thought I’d finished so I have to go back and fix things.

Part of the problem is that I’m using my kitchen cabinets as a template, but my craft room space is just enough different, I have to make some adjustments that keep tripping me up. A big difference is my counter height. I’m more table height in my craft room than a standard kitchen counter, which is a few inches taller, giving me even more math.

Have I mentioned that math and I aren’t friends? My brain simply refuses to handle the really basic stuff even though I can blow through more complicated equations. It is ALWAYS the little, easy things that my brain stutters on.

The other part is trying to work these plans out for the full 3 dimensional layout, which in some cases, is really hard to try and pull off on 2 dimensional graph paper. The worst are the two places I have corner designs that wrap across two walls. Those plans are going to be a blast to figure out. There is a reason they are on the bottom of my stack.

Working on this has also brought to my attention that the order I’d planned on doing things is probably going to need to be switched up a little bit. I have a few places where cabinets and/or shelves attach at the counter top. That means my counters need to be finished before I can install those pieces. Which in turn means I need to get my stain figured out sooner rather than later.

It’s all the various different interlocking pieces that are tripping me up the most. It’s like putting together a 3D puzzle. Except I have to actually design all the puzzle pieces before I can start putting them together and all I have to work from is a flat image of what it is supposed to look like when it is done.

And this is just the design stage. I then have to take ALL those pieces and try to put together a supply list that gives me a total amount of each separate piece for every single shelf, cabinet, and door, all in one lump.

I can feel my brain screaming already.

Craft Room Project: White Cabinet New Doors

The white cabinet is one step away from done. All that is left is staining the new surface, but that is most likely getting done when I do all the rest of the counters. Maybe. I’m still debating using this as my stain test, but I still haven’t settled on my color yet.

White Cabinet: New Doors and Drawer Face On
White Cabinet: New Doors and Drawer Face On

This looks a thousand times better than it did before. The lighting is crap and I think the camera on my phone has a layer of dust on it from being in the middle of the sawdust blizzard in the basement, but you can see how much better it looks than it did (below).

White Cabinet: Before New Doors and Paint
White Cabinet: Before New Doors and Paint

This is such a pretty cabinet now!

Craft Room Project: Finished Drawer Face & Access Door

I haven’t posted a room update in a couple of days because very little of what I’ve gotten done has been photo worthy. Lots of little things like more painting and touch ups. I’ve also been kind of taking bites out of it between trying desperately to get caught up on other things I’ve been neglecting around here.

Finally, I had something worth sharing today.

I got the drawer face done for the white cabinet. I’m not posting any full cabinet photos until it is completely done, but this is the new face.

White Cabinet: New Drawer Face
White Cabinet: New Drawer Face

I absolutely LOVE the look of this. I did discover that the face itself isn’t deep enough for my pulls, so I’m modifying my future drawer designs a smidge to fix that issue. For this piece, I did a little side fix that isn’t seen because of how this attaches to the drawer itself.

The other piece I finished off was the door to the access opening.

New Access Opening Door
New Access Opening Door

I was really frustrated with this because the opening itself is not square AT ALL which made getting this to fit almost impossible. It covers the opening. It opens and closes fine, but there is a bit of a gap at the top that I’ll need a latch of some sort to hold it completely closed. There is trim that shows on the left near the top, but none at all on the bottom left. I think this opening was off by a good quarter of an inch, which is a lot when you are talking about needing to put a door over it. So much for the contractor guy bragging on his 90 degree angles and things being square because this is not.

After the cat decided to inspect my paint job and leave her review in the wet paint, I decided that the basement is off limits to them until this project is completely done. I came up with a temporary door, since my plastic wasn’t doing the job. This is ugly as hell, but works beautifully because I even put hinges on it. It allowed me to leave the plastic on the upper portion to help keep the dust and mess in the basement. The cat STILL tries to paw at this to try and get it open every night, but she’s not getting past this!

Temporary Basement Door
Temporary Basement Door

I am just 2 doors away from being ready to start my cabinets. Those are the two new bottom doors for the white cabinet. Now that I have the method down after doing the access door, these should be done in maybe 2 days and only that long because they have to be glued and clamped for a portion of that and paint touch ups are tedious with the paint and wait process.

But… only 2 and I can go get my materials and start building in the room itself!

Craft Room Project: Glass Door Inner Trim & Drawer Design

I didn’t have a ton of time to work today as I have other things that I need to do. I’m seeing that I’m slacking in other areas because I’m so focused on getting this project done. I’m going to need to keep an eye on that.

The glass doors got their inner trim and some more touch ups and sanding. These should be ready for a final paint by tomorrow.

White Cabinet: Glass Door Inner Trim
White Cabinet: Glass Door Inner Trim

Since I have to paint at least one more panel before I can start on the lower doors and I have a couple of touch ups on the rest of the cabinet, more painting will most likely be my focus tomorrow.

One thing I got done today that has been driving me up a wall because I hadn’t been able to figure out how to pull it off is the design for my drawer faces. I wanted them to have the same look and feel as the doors, but the outer frame pieces for the doors are way too wide to use on a drawer. I needed a compromise and I think I’ve come up with one.

Drawer Face Design
Drawer Face Design

Obviously the above isn’t a full face, but it gives you the idea. The entire outer edge would be like the bottom layout.

It is such a relief to have that part figured out. It does mean more materials than I’d originally planned since the panels need to be backed in the same way I did my drawers for the recessed area, but I’m happy with the sturdiness and the look.

I’ve got a couple more stain samples drying, but I’m still not loving any of them yet.

Craft Room Project: Glass Door Replacements Started

Today was fun.

Kind of.

Not really.

Okay, it wasn’t really that bad. Just tedious and frustrating and tiring and messy.

The goal for today was to start on the replacement doors for the white cabinet. I decided to do the upper ones that have glass instead of a center panel first, just to get a feel for process. It really was a good place to start because I discovered all kinds of issues.

My router works great for doing the main groove that the center panels will sit it, but the bit that is supposed to cut the narrow piece that sits inside that groove is not consistent. At all. I ended up trying to pull off the same thing with my table saw.

That was a whole other ball of WAY too much. I had to take the normal guard off to be able to get my fence close enough to my blade for those really close, shallow cuts. This tripped my uncomfortable button, but I managed to work through it even though I was staring at a naked blade the entire time. It takes a lot of passes, but it is consistent. I’m not certain I love either process, but the table saw is the best one.

I got most of the parts for the new doors that will have the glass on them glued together. I still have to add the inside trim since there won’t be a center panel, but I need more of my clamps first (seeing a pattern here that means I really probably need to consider getting several more) and I will have to do some touch ups on the paint before I can attach the glass.

While it doesn’t look like I got much done today, I did learn a lot and I got confirmation that I was brilliant when I decided paint was the way to go because it is going to cover SO many mistakes and imperfections.

By the time I was done today, I was shedding a cloud of sawdust with every step, movement, or twitch and my whole body is yelling at me that I did too much today. I do feel pretty good about what I got done, though.

Craft Room Project: White Cabinet New Surface Attached

Apparently the Universe agreed that I needed a break. This is all I’m getting done today since it took all the clamps I needed to start on the doors.

I did manage to get another panel sanded and prepped for paint. Since I was already dragging today, that turned my arms to jelly by the time I was done.

I’m not going to complain about the little progress because the new surface is attached. I had to strip off the plasticy veneer to get this glued down because I really didn’t think it would hold if I left that in place. This white cabinet is one more step closer to done.

Doors tomorrow. Finally!


Craft Room Project: White Cabinet New Surface & Panel

Today felt like I hopped from project to project, which is kind of true.

I did replace the backing on the upper portion of my white cabinet with my beadboard panels. I’m SO glad I opted to do that. Not only does it look 10 times better, but it is also a whole lot sturdier. The panels really don’t have much give to them, but that cardboard stuff did, which made this just a hair wiggly. Now, that sucker doesn’t move. And yes, there was a splinter of wood that popped out under that top, but I’ve got that fixed.

White Cabinet: New Panels On Upper Section
White Cabinet: New Panels On Upper Section

There was also the never ending task of painting materials. Since I had to use a couple of my panels, I had to start painting more so I can still do the doors. I also somehow missed the removable shelf for the white cabinet when I was painting yesterday, so that got painted today as well.

The new surface for the cabinet is now in the process of being built. I still have a few things to do to it before I can attach it to the base, but most of it is done. This most likely won’t get stained until I’m ready to stain the counters, which means the cabinet may not get completely put together until then either. I haven’t decided yet.

White Cabinet: New Surface Under Construction
White Cabinet: New Surface Under Construction

I’m probably going to need to moderate how much I get done over the next couple of days. I was just dragging all day today and feeling bit worn out. I’m pushing so hard to get this whole project done, but I don’t want to get impatient and mess something up. Or, wear myself down to the point of burn out.

I know that once I start on the cabinets, things are going to feel like they start to fly because there will be huge visual changes each day. Right now, there isn’t a lot visually and there probably won’t be for a little while, or at least after I get these few doors done, because there is going to need to be a whole lot of painting prep of materials that will need to be done and that isn’t helping much.

Considering this project started the week after Thanksgiving and we are now in the middle of March, I really want to be done so I can start using the space.

Just to give you an example of how worn out my brain is, I posted today’s color post as day 4 instead of the 3 it should have been. I really can count. I promise.

Craft Room Project: White Cabinet Progress

I worked on finishing painting my materials and started on the white cabinet today.

All the old doors are off, the hinges are painted, the drawer is out and that face is off, and the main part of the cabinet is painted. Now I’m ready to work on building the new top surface and the new doors and drawer face.

Of course, after I took this photo and started looking at it, I realized that it would look absolutely amazing and SO much better if I replaced the crappy cardboard backing with my beadboard panel. At least for the upper portion since that is partially open and the upper doors have glass in them.

I can do it. I currently have the materials. It just means adding at least one more panel to my future supplies list and one more panel I have to sand down so it can be painted. Still, I really love that idea so I’m probably going to do it. It will add yet one more layer of sturdiness to the whole thing.

Craft Room Project: Starting Doors & White Cabinet

I’m back in paint and wait and paint again mode.

Starting to Paint Door Materials
Starting to Paint Door Materials

This time, it is getting the materials painted to start on doors. The plan is, for these materials at least, to work on the door for the access opening and the new doors for my white cabinet.

White Cabinet: Before New Doors and Paint
White Cabinet: Before New Doors and Paint

The more I got to looking at this, the more I didn’t like the idea of just painting the entire thing white. I can definitely do that, but I like the idea of the theme of the room reflecting in all the pieces. Since I decided that I’m going to stain the top of the dresser when I go to refinish it, I wanted the same kind of look for this.

The problem is that the tan wood look for that surface is a crappy wood looking veneer that can’t be stained. When I went for a materials run yesterday, I realized that there are several options for me to make changes to this to be able to do a stained surface. I can either take that piece off and add a new piece of good wood that can be stained, or I can build a cover kind of thing that just sits down over the top and edges of this.

Either way would work, but I think I’m leaning towards the second option to maintain the sturdiness of this (this is really just a crappy particle board kind of cabinet) and to cut down on what gets trashed from this.

That is going on my to do list once I’ve decided for certain on my stain color, something I was playing with yesterday, but didn’t come up with a final choice and still needs some work.

I realized when I went to take the doors off that the hinges are made differently than the ones I bought for the rest of my cabinets. Because I am worried about sturdiness, I decided to just paint these and reuse them. The won’t be the exact same look, but I’d rather that than do something that won’t support the new doors. The first coat is on those now and it ran me out of the basement for a while because that spray paint was nasty!

It will probably take me the rest of the weekend to get everything painted before I can start building again.

Craft Room Project: Recessed Area Completed!!

It took an extra day to get the “extra” I ordered for my drawers, but…

I’m finally done with the recessed area!!

I’m over the moon at how amazing this looks. Those corners I got for the drawers were perfect. They give the space that little extra I wanted and they do so much to hide the imperfections. I absolutely LOVE how this turned out.

I still need to line the drawers with felt, but I decided that I’m not doing that until everything else is done. I don’t want a bunch of sawdust to get embedded in it because it will be impossible to get out.

Next up: The door to the access area and doors that I’m replacing on my existing cabinet so they match the new cabinets.

Craft Room Project: Access Opening Trimmed

Today was really kind of a lazy day for getting much done in the craft room. I did manage to trim out the access opening so it is ready for the door. Other than some much needed clean up of the nearly inch deep sawdust on my floor, I’m probably not going to get anything else done.

That access opening will allow me to get into a lower corner cabinet that is going underneath my countertop. Corner cabinets, especially lower ones, are one of my most hated features in my kitchen because you have to unload EVERYTHING to get to what is in the back corner. With this opening, that won’t be an issue. I’m not even going to put a door to this inside the craft room (I don’t think) because it is going to be such a pain to get to. I don’t love the idea of crawling around on my hands and knees to get to something, with the almost guarantee that I’ll smack my head on the counter on the way out.

I still need to do a little filling on the gaps and nail holes, but decided to do that when I work on the touch ups for the drawers.

Since I’m most likely not going to be able to get much done tomorrow either, depending on when my order shows up, I think I’m going to work on finishing up my designs for the interiors of my cabinets and starting to put together a materials list. The biggest problem with this is that I’m not certain what size raw materials I can get.

When working on the drawers, I realized that the huge 4 x 8 sheet of plywood is a major pain to work with and I had to have Hubby help me cut it down into workable pieces. I can’t exactly have him help me with all the sheets I need for my cabinets. Aside from a couple of areas where I might potentially need that larger size, I don’t think I need them that big. That and to get that size, I’ll have to rent a truck again.

It may be that I need to make a scouting run to a couple of stores to see what is available before I can complete my list, but that is one of the things I need to work on next.

Craft Room Project: Recessed Area Outer Trim Finish

Not a whole lot of progress today. Between MC needing quiet because of a test, me needing breaks to record dance for BG, and my desire for “a little something extra” on the drawers, there wasn’t a lot I could get done today.

I did finish cutting all my side pieces for the rest of the drawers and I got the outer trim up and caulked. The drawers are going to have to wait a couple of days before I can assemble them because the “extra” I ordered may require me to shave them down a tiny bit so they still fit my openings. I had to order it, so Monday will be the earliest I can get back to the drawers and finishing this space.

My plan is to work on the access opening while I wait, so the time won’t be completely wasted. I realized today that I have to do some major timing of excess drywall before I can put the boards around the opening, so that is next on my to do list.

Craft Room Project: Recessed Area Start of Drawers

I have to squeal just a little bit here because that drawer looks awesome!

The final front look isn’t exactly what I wanted because the trim piece I wanted to add interferes with the pull, so I left it off and there probably shouldn’t be quite as big of a gap on that, but even with those things it still looks really good. The nails on the front need to be filled and it needs a bit of paint touch up. Other than that and lining the inside with felt, that drawer is done.

I have all the side pieces cut for all but three of the drawers and still need to cut the bottoms, but I won’t do that until I start to assemble these. I ran out of my glued face material, so I couldn’t finish cutting today. I’ve got another section glued up and drying so it will be ready to go for tomorrow.

When I put together that first one, I discovered that my nail gun really doesn’t work great on these because it is too hard to keep it completely straight and it breaks through the side. I’m going to have to nail these in by hand and I don’t have enough of the right kind of nails, so that means yet another trip to the store.

I’m a little bit giddy at how well this is turning out.



Craft Room Project: More Painting And Prep Work

Yesterday kind of felt like a waste even though it wasn’t. It was a whole lot of 5 minutes of adding wood filler followed by hours waiting for it to dry hard enough for me to sand it down. Normally, you really don’t have to wait that long, but there were areas where I had to get pretty thick and those took forever to completely cure so that when I sanded, parts wouldn’t flake off.

I’m not an overly patient person, so that was a trial for me. Everything looks amazing, so it was worth it. That and it gave me an excuse to have a day to take it a little easy and rest for a bit.

Today, I’m working on getting all the pieces painted that I need to start working on the drawers for the recessed area. One of the things that had me procrastinating on trying to start those was that I wasn’t 100% certain how I wanted to do the drawer faces. I wanted them to blend with how I was going to do the drawers in the rest of the cabinets, but these are way too small to do them the exact same. I finally figured it out last night. Or at least I have an idea how I want to do it, but I need to actually try to build one before I know if it is actually going to work.

I also got the materials I needed to finish off the access opening (that gives me access to a lower corner cabinet from the other side of the new wall). I decided that the door for that is the best place to do my first cabinet door since it won’t actually be in the craft room space. If I mess it up too bad, I don’t really care. But before I can do the door, I have to do the finish framing around the inside of that opening. I figured I might as well get the stuff and get it all painted at the same time.

All this painting means that today isn’t a whole lot different than yesterday. A sort period of time working, then a long period of time waiting for stuff to dry before I can do more. It’s the construction version of hurry up and wait.

Craft Room Project: Recessed Area Assembled

Just almost there!

Everything is painted, put back together and nailed into place. I’ve got all the gaps either caulked up or filled with wood filler. There will be some work to get a couple of those areas cleaned up and leveled out because I think a couple of the boards I used were a little warped and nothing I did got them to sit the way they needed to.

It isn’t perfect. I have a few mistakes and a couple of the spaces aren’t completely square, again in part because some of those boards were warped just enough to throw things off. Even with those imperfections, it looks really good.

I have to finish cleaning some things up before I can call this part done. The drawers for all those spaces still need to be built, but I haven’t decided if I’m going to tackle those next or start on the cabinets.

I’m really torn because I know those drawers are going to be a major pain and I want to procrastinate on them. I also know it would probably be smarter to do those first, giving me a little more practice on some of my techniques. That and messing up a small drawer would be a whole lot less expensive to fix than messing up an entire cabinet or door.

Most likely, the next step, no matter what I decide on the drawers is to get every last one of my panels painted. Those suckers are a pain in the butt to get to completely cover, so it would be so much better to paint them first.

I also still have to finish designing the interiors of a couple of cabinets, something that absolutely needs to be done soon because I’m going to need to start calculating what I need from my next materials run before I can start on those cabinets.

Today was a very long, but productive day with a lot of paint and wait, then paint and wait some more, rinse and repeat. I have a feeling I’m only going to get those touch ups done tomorrow before calling it a lazy day for the rest of the day.

Craft Room Project: Recessed Area First Coats Of Paint

Today was a very busy and productive day.

Every shelf and divider came back out and got shaved down so that everything sits flush to the front of the space. That alone took some time, but it looked so much better after I finished. I’m really glad I took the time to make those adjustments.

I also had to go get the trim I needed for the upper shelf areas since I hadn’t originally planned on putting any trim inside this space and didn’t have any. That took some time away from me being able to get stuff done in the room, but it looks so much better having that in place. Trim is now under the very top board and under the top shelf, which gives that shelf a little more support.

Once those were put up, I spent a whole lot of time getting nail holes filled and all the corners and seams caulked up so it was ready to paint. Do you have any idea how much of a pain in the butt it is to try and caulk around that paneling? The grooves that create the “bead” effect make both caulking and painting SO much fun. Not.

I also had to take some time to clean up the massive amount of sawdust covering the floor. Between what has been produced from all the cutting and routering and what got kicked up when I had to sand down a couple of the shelves so they would paint cleanly, there was sawdust everywhere. I was afraid it would end up in the paint if I wasn’t very, very careful, so I had to stop to clean before I could paint.

Because every bit of this is bare wood, it is going to take a couple coats of paint to completely cover. So far, I’ve got one light coat around edges and another good coat over everything in the middle. I needed to see how well those grooves would cover with my roller before I decided how I needed to finish painting and if I’d need to do several coats along those with a brush instead. Thankfully, the roller hits them well enough I don’t have to do that.

Tomorrow, I’ll do another really good coat around all the edges as well as painting all the other shelves and dividers so they are ready to go back in and get permanently attached. I’ll have more caulking and filling to do, which will have to dry before I can do any kind of a finish coat of paint, but this was some major progress today even though you can’t see most of it yet.

I did learn that when I do my cabinet doors, I’m painting this paneling before I make the doors. It will make my life so much easier if I only have to do some touch ups instead of trying to get into the tiny grooves when they are butting up against something else.

Craft Room Project: Recessed Area Almost Ready For Paint

Today was kind of a mix of really good and not so good, but still a lot of progress.

Everything is cut, routered, and fitting together the way it should (mostly), including the cross dividers for the lower section that I forgot about yesterday. I got the paneling up and attached to the back wall, and the outer sides are all nailed into place.

I have a whole lot of work to do to clean some of my mistakes up and get this ready for paint. I decided that I’m going to add some additional trim around the upper shelf area to finish it off and to give it some extra support since I’m eliminating the dividers for the shelf underneath. There are a few pieces I need to trim down a little bit because with the paneling, they sit just a bit too far outside the opening.

Most of what is left is clean up before I can paint. I have to pull it all back down to make those minor tweaks and do any sanding and filling on the rough pieces along with those touch ups, but I should be ready to paint this in the next couple of days.

While this isn’t nearly as clean as I’d like it and things are not perfectly straight, once I do the clean up and get this painted, it is going to look really good.

Craft Room Project: Next Levels Recessed Area

Today was productive. I finished the first level with all the dividers today. I also got the grooves cut for the remaining shelves as well as the shelves themselves.

I had to stop and evaluate exactly how my next level dividers needed to be done because the way my sections would have lined up would have caused problems with the lower sections. I’m reworking that plan a little bit, but I figured out what I need to do. I’m just going to slightly change the size of the drawers for that level and make one central drawer a slightly different size so the divider spacing works better.

I put a few things in place to give context for the future use for some of those spaces (and to test fit). The photo makes that bottom section look a little bowed. It was, but not nearly as bad as it looks. It is also now fixed.

All the grooves I’m needing to router for this is giving me ample practice for doing the cabinet doors. After all I got done today, I think I finally have a good process in place to make them all cleaner and little tighter fitting.

So far, so good!