I am a slightly sane artist, amateur photographer, book addict, wife, mom and raging introvert. I have more hobbies than I can count, so it is beyond shocking that I manage to find time to do any of them, let alone most of them and still have time to do anything else.  Of all the talents I claim, writing wasn’t one of them until my muse dropped the idea for a book on my head. And I now get to add that I’m officially a published author. An Unexpected Turn is my jump into the writing and self-publishing world.

In February of 2020, I took on a volunteer staff position as a book reviewer for Envie! Magazine, so I keep managing to expand my list of hobbies even though I already have a mountain of them.

My Personal Cast

Hubby – That one’s kinda obvious
OC – Oldest Child, my oldest son
MC – Middle Child, my second son (4 years younger than OC)
BG – Baby Girl, my youngest; my daughter (2 years younger than MC)
MCG – This would be MC’s girlfriend. She occasionally sneaks a peek in here, so I thought she deserved a spot on the cast list.

Basically, this is kind of my dumping ground for everything that grabs my interest or needs to get unloaded out of my head. Mostly, though, I’m going to share pretty pictures and talk about books.

“Instead of looking at the world in black and white, or even the gray “middle ground”, why in the hell aren’t we looking for purple (or red, or blue, or orange)? The world is NOT monochromatic.”  – TJ Fox – 2017

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