How The Dog Instigated Chaos

The day started with Hubby giving the dog a chew treat this morning when he went to fix us coffee. Turns out, that treat ended up making a nasty mess on the carpet in the living room where she decided to chow down on it. I go to clean it up and I now have a lovely clean spot in a mess of a high traffic area. Typical me, this doesn’t work and I just decide to bite the bullet and just shampoo the whole living room as I’ve been wanting to do for a while. Noticing a pattern here?

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Ahhhh! Cool Air!

Upside… We have a working AC. Downside, the temps dropped and it hasn’t needed to be turned on yet, though we did close up the house and turn it on to test out how well it removes the humidity even when it doesn’t need to cool (awesome, awesome, AWESOME feature).

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Oh, Come On!!

Yesterday, I moved the small, portable AC my guys dropped off for us into the living room when the kids got home because the house was up to 90 inside. Get it set up and running and I go to move the fans around and the unit dies, my ceiling fan stops and I’m thinking I tripped a breaker. Go to reset it and all the breakers are on. Nothing has tripped.

I unplug all the fans in that room and move them to other areas I know are on a different circuit, unplug the unit and as soon as I do, my ceiling fan starts back up. Everything runs fine for a while. It isn’t until hours later that I realize my fan is off again. At this point, a storm had moved through and dropped the temps drastically, so I just unplugged the unit. Fan starts working again.

Hubby goes to shut down some things outside for the night, comes back in and tells me the lights are off on the chlorinator for our pool. That is on its own circuit so it shouldn’t have been affected by whatever was going on in our living room. Checked that breaker and it is also not tripped. Even try flipping it off and back on, still no lights. So, we either have yet another piece of equipment in our house that just decided to up and crash, or we have a nasty electrical problem on top of EVERYTHING else. Or, quite possibly, both.

Enough already!!

Semi-Repurposed Rain Gauge

A couple of weeks ago I had ordered a new rain gauge online. The day it was supposed to show up, I get an email saying I needed to authorize a change and that I’d be lucky if I saw the thing by the end of September. I had thought when I saw it and the ones like it that there was zero reason why I couldn’t make my own other than needing the right materials, so I just decided to cancel the order and figure out a way to make my own.

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So… I was going to post a pic today. Apparently, not going to happen since the latest mess that decided to hit is the fact that the SD card in my phone has apparently decided to go belly up. Can I PLEASE get a break for a little while?

Heartsick and Angry

When will America love their children more than their guns?

I avoided posting yesterday because I knew if I tried, I wouldn’t be able to avoid the vitriolic post that would come out of how I was feeling. The above quote is one that expresses a portion of what I feel in fewer words. While I’ve worked through much of that, it is far from gone so if you want to avoid the spillage that remains, feel free to move on.

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I’m really missing that I no longer get these encounters anymore. For over 10 years we had nothing but an open field behind our house. Until we put up our fence a couple of years after we moved in, we would get deer in the yard, right next to the house to eat my flowers. The day we moved in, a coyote took up residence against my back door and scared the crap out of me when I went to open it. After the fence was put up, we would often get sights like this one because it and the kids swing set that used to be there were the perfect perches for birds to stand watch and hunt in the field. Continue reading “Hunting”

Still Nothing, Still Waiting

It has been nearly a month since I asked for help on my latest creative project. The first two people I asked for help, I haven’t heard a single peep from since I asked and they agreed. Two weeks since I asked, nicely, for updates or progress from the third one that agreed to help and was told that they would be getting to it that weekend, which didn’t happen and again, silence. Continue reading “Still Nothing, Still Waiting”

No Soliciting or Just Don’t

Wow. Never thought I’d have to lay down a rant like this, but apparently it is necessary.

It is incredibly poor taste and beyond annoying to spam other people. There are so many ways to do so, such as liking every single post someone makes (you do not think every single thing posted on a site is good) or spam texting, but for this particular rant, it is about marketing. Books in particular.

Yes, I read books. Lots of books. Yes, I also write the occasional review. At this point in time, not a single review I have written has been done so at the request of anyone. The books I’ve written about are the ones I’ve chosen to pick up and read, either because it was suggested, through a truly reputable source such as Goodreads or Amazon based on other books I’ve bought or read, or because I found it by searching the genres I enjoy.

Would I be opposed if an author requested a review? Depends on the book. Something that isn’t in my genre of interest, I’d politely say “No thanks.” If it looks interesting, I’d probably read it. Something from an author I really enjoy? I’d love it and probably be doing a stupid fan girl dance around the room. But, if any of them requested I review a book, but then said, “Oh, by the way, you have to buy it to read it to be able to review it?” Uh… no. Just frickin’ no. Seriously?

I don’t mean that because I want free stuff. I’m an artist. I understand the amount of work that goes into creating something and then needing to get paid for that work, so I am more than willing to pay for the things I want. Doing so helps to ensure I keep getting those kinds of things because the artist/writer/creator can keep doing what they do because they are getting paid.

To expect someone to do something for you, though, someone you don’t even freakin’ know, someone that you have never written about before (because you are a newbie author and JUST dropped your first book), AND expect them to pay for the privilege of your greatness? Who the hell does that shit? Not only is it just plain rude, but that kind of pushy salesmanship is not going to get me to read your stuff, it is just going to piss me off and insult me. Oh, and going through my archives and liking a few posts isn’t going to encourage me to do so either.

You may get lucky and pull in a few suckers, but you are more likely to just piss people off. I’m sorry, but if you want to be a writer, an author, then you have to put in the work, just like everyone else. You market your book by talking about it, offering up ARCs or free copies to reputable review sites (don’t think I fall into that category since I have like 70 followers here, a chunk of which you have to assume fall into that other spam category of spam followers), networking and creating a solid online presence and working with others to help market in a way that isn’t spamming. No one likes spammers.

Putting out a book and getting readers is a ton of work and it will cost money or resources, but you can’t short cut that work by finding any contact form you can through bloggers that write reviews and demanding they buy and review your book.

If I were a truly nasty person, I’d go and write an incredibly negative review, because this is not a theoretical situation. I actually had someone email me, out of the blue, asking not only for me to review their book, but to purchase it to do so. What is truly funny? The idgit apparently didn’t realize that it is available through Kindle Unlimited for free.

So, no. I will not be buying your book or writing a review. Be grateful for that because there are some truly nasty people in this world. And a word of advice. Stop. Just don’t.


On Hold Frustration

My current creative project is sitting on hold at the moment. Not because I don’t want to work on it, but because I’m at a point where I cannot move forward without help. Help that I cannot stand to ask for, but this is something that I am unable to do on my own. Continue reading “On Hold Frustration”