Craft Room Project: Finally! Floor!

Considering I really thought at one point I’d be able to do the floors first, this has taken 6 months to come about. I’m utterly exhausted and every single muscle molecule hurts, but I have a gorgeous floor.

I’m going to celebrate by doing absolutely nothing for the next day or two in an effort to give my poor old body a much needed break. Even after that, I may not get back to my room until next week after our visit with MCG and her family.

Seeing the cabinets and then the counters go in felt wonderful, but seeing the floor finished? I’m ready to move in and get started working on projects. I’m not quite there yet, but I am definitely on the down hill slope of this project.

Floor Installed: Closet & Stairs Area
Floor Installed: Closet & Stairs Area

6 thoughts on “Craft Room Project: Finally! Floor!

    1. It feels so amazing to finally have this down! It will be so much easier to keep the space clean and I don’t have to worry anymore about tearing that black underlayment.

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    1. Thanks! I’m so happy with how this turned out even though there were some places I was ready to cry over they were being so difficult. I will have a lot more of this floor to install on the other side of this room, but that isn’t happening for a while and there are zero tricky areas, which this was full of.

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  1. I’ve been thinking as things have progressed and you are doing such a great job that this room looks a little too good for crafting! A nice concrete floor with some advance paint splatters signifies my idea of craft room…

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    1. HA! This is partly true. I do tend to get messy. I have a few worries about all that white, but I’ve got an idea or two in mind to at least try to keep it looking nice. That said, most of what I do probably wouldn’t create that kind of mess. That and this will be an office space as much as a craft room, considering one aspect of my art will be photography.

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