Craft Room Project: The End Result – Before And After

I’m calling it.

My room is done.


It only took me just over a year, but it is done!

Where it started:

Craft Room: Before
Craft Room: Before

The Plan:

Craft Room: Original Design Layout
Craft Room: Original Design Layout

The Final Result:

Craft Room: Final Result
Craft Room: Final Result
Craft Room: Final Result
Craft Room: Final Result

This has been one hell of a journey and an epically ambitious project, but I pulled it all off. I’ll say it until everyone is sick of hearing it, but I absolutely adore every single square inch of this space, imperfections and all.

I cannot believe it is finally done after all this time.

I still can’t believe that I did this myself. With what little experience I had before I started this project, I’m absolutely floored that I managed to accomplish it and in such a way that it doesn’t completely look like an amateur did it. Sure, there are all kinds of imperfections and little mistakes, but nothing huge or glaringly obvious.

I can also say, without reservation, NEVER again!

Small pieces that use some of my newfound knowledge and skills, sure. But a project this size? Oh, hell no!

Of course, I still have those connected side projects like building out my closet and refinishing the dresser, but my room is complete. I can finally unpack all the stuff from my desk that Hubby took over and do all the final move in and organizing that needs to be done. I can use the space in its entirety, as it was designed to be used.

And, I can focus on all kinds of other things that have been hanging out on my to do list for a year or so now. Many of them in my new room.

Now, where is that bottle of wine? I need to celebrate.

25 thoughts on “Craft Room Project: The End Result – Before And After

  1. Congratulations!! The craft room looks fantastic and after such an amazing project you may need more than one bottle of wine to celebrate this major accomplishment! Enjoy that beautiful layout and space as you begin your many projects!🙂

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    1. I’ve had so many things I’ve wanted to work on while building out this space, I thought I’d never get a break. Now that it’s done, I just want my brain to shut up for a while. Apparently that isn’t happening as I spent the day making a wreath for my front door out of some old Halloween decorations I wasn’t using. *sigh* lol!

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      1. My (now both late AND former) in-laws designed their own house and later found things they would have done differently. I think the fact that you did it yourself and made some changes along the way will preclude that!

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      2. I have found a few issues, but they are minor. I don’t think I really could have done much to fix them if I’d figured it out earlier without completely redesigning the space, which, because they really are minor, wouldn’t have been an option even if I figured it out. I know after having picked every single bit of this house out as we built that even great planning isn’t the same as actually living in and using a space. There will always be things that we wish we would have done differently. Still, this space is about as close to perfect as I could possibly get.


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