Rating System

The majority of books I write reviews on are ones that I have chosen to read because they look interesting and I feel I have something to say about the book when I’m done. I don’t often write reviews by request, but that is mostly because I’m stupidly picky and I’d hate to agree to review something only to dislike it because it really wasn’t to my taste. If one of the authors listed in my favorites were to approach me for a review, I would be jumping for joy (after a crazy moment of fan-girling). That said, I will do a review at the request of an author I’ve never read before if I think what they’ve written looks like something I would enjoy.

If you are looking for someone to take the time to read and review your book, please have the common courtesy take the time to look at what I’ve already written about in the past to see if what you want reviewed is even close. Just because I read in certain genres doesn’t mean I read all sub-genres under that umbrella. For example, I read all kinds of areas in romance, but that doesn’t mean I want to read a romance about alien reptiles. A few minutes with the search bar would show you that maybe I’m not such a good fit for that kind of book. I’m just not all that interested in using up my reading time for a book that doesn’t fall into one of the many areas I do enjoy reading.

My major areas of reading interest typically fall all over the place, but I prefer really good fantasy (see favorites list), romance (mostly in the m/m genre range lately), the occasional police/crime drama and stories about families and life that really make me feel.

I am not a fan of YA/NA, straight up horror/gore, religious based fiction, cliffhangers, depressing endings and vampires. Yes, that contradicts my favorites list since the Jane Yellowrock series is on there, but… my tastes aren’t entirely rational. Hence the picky comment above.

If you’ve trudged through all of the above, taken a look around and still want me to review something, feel free to drop me a note.


5+starsA 5 star rating is reserved for my absolute favorites.  I will absolutely be willing to spend the money to buy this book.  This type of book is one that I will read multiple times, has such great content that I find myself so absorbed in the story that I’m incredibly disappointed when the book is over because I want more.  The books that receive a 5 star review will be few and far in between because there just aren’t that many books that speak to me on that level.


4+stars4 star books are really good; excellent story/characters/world, but just miss the mark of falling into the favorites category.  There is a good chance that I might read it again if I didn’t have something more interesting in my To Read list.  It would definitely be something I’d recommend to others if asked.


3+stars3 star books are good, but not great.  I enjoyed it, didn’t feel like it was a waste of time, but more than likely won’t take the time to read it again.  They may have mostly decent writing, but often one major aspect seems weak or not well thought out or fully developed.  I might read other books by the same author or in the series when I’m looking for something to read, but don’t have something more anticipated or interesting on my list.  A lot of the time they are the type that seem like a replay of every other storyline out there.  Cookie cutter writers eventually fall into this category, no matter how much I may have liked the first book or so.  There are only so many times you can read the same story with only slightly different characters/scenarios before it gets really old.


2+stars2 star books are books that I didn’t particularly like. They are usually books that just weren’t for me, now matter how well written they may have been.  Sometimes quality of writing alone will drop a book down to the 2 level, even if the story concept was good.  There are only so many flaws a story can have before a reader loses interest.


1+stars1 star ratings are not ratings that I hand out often.  These are those that I seriously question every single person involved in the process because that book was BAD.  Bad story, horrid characters, no way was there any editing involved, or any combination of those things.  An awful lot of times, these are the books that I may get a few chapters into and cannot force myself to attempt to plow through another sentence and are absolute and total garbage.  I really hate using the last term for these books as I don’t like to slam anyone, but there really just isn’t a nice way of saying it when a book is actually that bad.