Favorite Books

This is a list some of my absolute all time favorite books. These are the ones that I will read over and over again.  Please note highlighted listings provide links either to the author’s webpage or to the review I wrote on that particular book. I have also broken these down by their main genre. Some may easily fit in more than one, but I’ve picked the one that fits best overall.



Anne Bishop

Black Jewels Trilogy
Daughter of the Blood
Heir to the Shadows
Queen of Darkness

Black Jewels Novels
Dreams Made Flesh
Tangled Webs
The Invisible Ring
The Shadow Queen
Shaldor’s Lady
Twilight’s Dawn

Tir Alainn Trilogy
Pillars of the World
Shadows and Light
The House of Gaian

Bridge of Dreams

The Others
Written In Red
Murder of Crows
Vision in Silver
Marked in Flesh
Marked In Flesh
Etched In Bone

The World of the Others
Lake Silence
Wild Country


Michelle Sagara (West)

The Sundered
Into the Dark Lands
Children of the Blood
Lady of Mercy
Chains of Darkness, Chains of Light

*The Sun Sword
The Broken Crown
The Uncrowned King
The Shining Court
Sea of Sorrows
The Riven Shield
The Sun Sword

*Sacred Hunt
Hunter’s Oath
Hunter’s Death

*House War
The Hidden City
City of Night
House Name

(*are all relatively connected and are in the same world;
there are also several short stories in this world that I have not listed)

Chronicles of Elantra
Cast in Shadow
Cast in Courtlight
Cast in Secret
Cast in Fury
Cast in Silence
Cast in Chaos
Cast in Ruin
Cast in Peril
Cast in Sorrow
Cast in Flame
Cast in Honor
Cast in Flight
Cast in Deception
Cast in Oblivion

Queen of the Dead

Kelley Armstrong


Seanan McGuire

October Daye
Rosemary and Rue
A Local Habitation
An Artificial Light
Late Eclipses
One Salt Sea
Ashes of Honor
Chimes at Midnight
The Winter Long
A Red-Rose Chain
Once Broken Faith
The Brightest Fell

Kate Forsyth

*Witches of Eileanan
Dragonclaw (Witches of Eileanan)
The Pool of the Two Moons
The Cursed Towers
The Forbidden Land
The Skull of the World
The Fathomless Caves

*Rhiannon’s Ride
The Tower of Ravens
The Shining City
The Heart of Stars

(*all written in the same world)

Faith Hunter

*Jane Yellowrock
-Snafu (Short story found in Black Water/Prequel to series)
Blood Cross
Mercy Blade
Raven Curse
Death’s Rival
Blood Trade
-Black Water (Short story found in compilation book Black Water)
Black Arts
-Off The Grid (Short story found in Black Water/Prequel to Soulwood series)
Broken Soul
Dark Heir
Shadow Rights
Cold Reign
Dark Queen

-Off The Grid (Short story found in Black Water/Prequel to Soulwood series)
Blood of the Earth
Curse on the Land
Flame in the Dark
Circle of the Moon

(*all written in the same world)

Rogue Mage

Maria V. Snyder

Chronicles of Ixia
Poison Study
Magic Study
Fire Study
Storm Glass
Sea Glass
Spy Glass
Shadow Study
Night Study
Dawn Study


TJ Klune

Bear, Otter, and the Kid
Bear, Otter, and the Kid
Who We Are
The Art of Breathing
The Long and Winding Road


Angela Marsons

D.I. Kim Stone
Silent Scream
Evil Games
Lost Girls
Play Dead
Blood Lines
Dead Souls
Broken Bones
Dying Truth

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