Holiday Project #3: Snowman Stocking Holders

And done!! I kind of can’t believe I got these done it time, but I did. With a couple of days to spare, which I desperately needed because I have way too many other things to do over the next few days. I only managed that because I’ve spent the last several days doing nothing but work on these. During the day, I was in the garage building or downstairs painting and I spent the evening working on crocheting all the hats and scarves. I think I quite possibly put in over 40 hours of work just on this project.

Every single one is personalized in several ways. From design to colors, every one shows an aspect of the personality of the person it goes to. This is one of the times I was able to really pull off my entire idea and it came out better than I imagined.

They are seriously cute and are going to be something I look forward to pulling out and setting up every year. I am now officially ready to start decorating!!

Snowman Stocking Holders
Snowman Stocking Holders
Snowman Stocking Holder: Red & Green - Polar Bears
Snowman Stocking Holder: Red & Green – Polar Bears
Snowman Stocking Holder: Blue - Fox
Snowman Stocking Holder: Blue – Fox
Snowman Stocking Holder: Purple - Penguins
Snowman Stocking Holder: Purple – Penguins
Snowman Stocking Holder: Turquoise - Dog
Snowman Stocking Holder: Turquoise – Dog
Snowman Stocking Holder: Gray - Deer & Cat
Snowman Stocking Holder: Gray – Deer & Cat

Holiday Project #3: Stocking Holders In Progress

Probably one of the hardest parts of building my stocking holders is finished.

Stocking Holder Snowmen In Progress
Stocking Holder Snowmen In Progress

I had to figure out a way to cut “sides” into wood spheres to give the balls flat sides for the top and bottom. Let me tell you, that required some major creativity and patience. And I wasn’t entirely precise, because that is hard to do!

Then, I had to drill holes into those new flat sections so I could put a small dowel piece in between the balls so that when I go to glue all of this together, it has some stability and something to hold on to. Again, this wasn’t all that easy, especially that top ball that is still rounded on the top.

I have to carefully position a couple of these, or my little snowman is going to look like it is about to topple over (I did mention it wasn’t precise). Hubby said that no snowman is ever perfectly straight, so I’m being true to reality. I’m just going to go with it because it all still works.

The next part of this is to build the bottom box. I got some steel jeweler’s bench blocks to give the base of these some significant weight. Between that and the weight of the wood (all of those balls are solid wood), it should be heavy enough to hold full stockings. Hopefully. I’ll be building a wood box that fits around the bench block and the snowman will be bolted to the top of that box.

Box building is on my to do list for today. Hopefully I can get that part done because I have a whole lot of painting to do on these. Each one is going to be painted similarly, but with subtle differences that personalize them for each of us. They are also going to have their own color hats.

Stocking Holder Snowman Hat Prototype
Stocking Holder Snowman Hat Prototype

This was the prototype that I made to develop the pattern I’d need. I’ve made a few tweaks, but the hats will mostly look like this. This is the long tail version, but the guys both chose a shorter, traditional hat with a ball on top for theirs, so there are 2 different styles.

I’m using embroidery floss to crochet these, which is a joy, let me tell you. I adore splitting threads on every other stitch! But, again, it works and looks amazing!

I chose embroidery floss because of the color options that I couldn’t find in anything else in that small of a thread or yarn. And of course, because I’m such a pain to myself, even just using that floss as purchased wasn’t enough for a couple of these because I couldn’t get the exact color I wanted (no, I’m not picky, why do you ask?) I got the brilliant idea to “blend” two colors. That meant unraveling and splitting two different spools of floss and combining them into a new thread.

Talk about a massive headache! The first one I tested took forever and I kept having to stop and deal with tangles. I did finally figure out a process that works relatively well and doesn’t take that long. Thankfully each string of floss has 6 threads in it and I was able to get two spools of the new color by combining the 2 different colors and they had the same balance of color between them.

So far, I have 2 and a half of these crocheted. I need to put the white trim on the third and all need their little puff balls attached (that I don’t have yet). I’ll also be making matching scarves to go with the hats, but I didn’t want to test that out until I had a full snowman to fit it to.

When I first got the materials for these, I goofed and ordered a ball that was WAY too big for the base. They obviously wouldn’t work for this project, but it didn’t take me long to plan out 2 potential projects using them. One I may not do this year, but the other, I want to make at least one.

That will be a large ornament with the hanger top and all. I’d planned on doing that as a test for the whole process to build these snowmen, but I ended up not having the right size drill bit to work with the dowel I bought to be the top. As soon as these stocking holders are done and I have time to look, I’ll get that bit and work on the ornaments.

The other idea requires me getting a lot more materials and I really am trying not to shock the bank account too much. I thought it would be fun to try and build a bigger snowman with that larger ball being the center and the base being a glass bowl that I can make look like a snow globe. But, that is for a much future project.

I’d really, REALLY like it if my brain would just shut up for a while. I absolutely do NOT need any more creative ideas right now.


Holiday Project #2: Stockings

And project #2 on my holiday project list is done!

I had really wanted these to be a bit “more” than what they ended up. When I say “more” I mean that I was imagining that they’d have some really cool embellishments added that I could do just a little differently on each to personalize them fore each of us, but I just could not find a single thing that worked. Most likely I would need to do some hand embroidery on these to get the effect that I wanted (something with snowflakes), but I really do not have the time to do all that and still finish my other projects.

For now, I decided to just keep them all simple and the same. I may go back and add the embroidery at a later date or even add a little something to each one every year. I haven’t quite decided yet what I want to do, but this gives me stockings for everyone this year, which was my main goal.

*I will not go look at embroidery machines! I will not even consider an embroidery machine! Please, brain! SHUT UP!!!*

Other than that little bit of extra, these are exactly what I wanted. Like the hats, I have a good stash of extra material so that I can make more in the years to come when (or if) our family grows again.

BG is a little disappointed that the cats aren’t getting new stockings as well this year, but I decided to just keep our existing ones for them and go back to hanging them on the railing. The railing was really bare last year, so it gives me something pretty to put there. And since they won’t be with the others, I’m okay with them still being different for now. Again, I may go back to that when I have more time.

Next up… stocking holders!

1st Project Done: Santa Hats

I got the first item on my holiday project to do list finished!

Santa Hats
Santa Hats

There were quite a few trial and error tests I had to run on scrap fabric before I could get my final design worked out. I wanted these to be a good quality that would last a long time, so I decided to line them, which made using any kind of standard pattern almost impossible. I took ideas I found online, made lots of modifications, and came up with something that worked for what I wanted.

Once I got that nailed down, knocking these out didn’t take long at all.

I’m really pleased with these. They are so soft, too! And, I still have lots of material to store away for any additional ones that will need to be made over the years, so I estimated well on the fabric amount I needed.

Next up, I’m going to work on finding all the materials I need for my stocking holders, which looks to be harder than I’d originally thought, so that is going to be fun. I also have to finalize my design for the stockings themselves and get started on those.

Not too bad considering I just put together that to do list the other day!

A Stay Puft Halloween

I finally get to post it! This is the costume I made for BG to wear to ballet this week!

It is a tradition at the studio for all the ballet assistants to wear coordinating costumes the week of Halloween. They are supposed to be simple, usually just a dressed up tutu and maybe something for the hair or attached to their leotard. Last year, each girl was a different kind of candy (skittles, kitkat, M&M, etc.)

The theme this year was villains. Most of the girls went with Disney villains, but there are way more BA’s than there are recognizable Disney villains. BG was stuck for a bit on what she wanted to do, then jumped outside the box and picked the Stay Puft marshmallow man from Ghostbusters.

To make life easy, we bought the tutu and I made everything else. It was all really simple and I knocked it out in a day. The bib needed some puffy paint to get the letters and I really drug out my creative brain to make that little hat work in a way that it could sit next to her bun. I had enough material to toss in a matching mask as well.

BG ended up wearing different costumes throughout the week for her different classes. She did a streamlined Maleficent for one class and was a green M&M for another that had the t-shirt, a headband with a little stuffed M&M attached, and matching socks. The M&M class was the one she assisted and all her friends were also M&M’s, but different colors. It was so stinkin’ cute!! It’s hard to say which I liked the best, but I am really partial to this one, though I might be a bit biased.

Newest Project List

I can’t decide if I need my brain to shut up for a while or not.

On the one side, I’ve had so many ideas of things to work on it’s not even funny. I’m exhausted just looking at the potential project list. On the other, this latest burst of inspiration is pretty exciting.

Normally, the holidays and decorating tends to sneak up on me. This year, I can’t manage to get what I need to do out of my head. Things will grow this year because of MCG and I need to make arrangements so she can be included when we are ready to decorate. I’ve been working through all the things I need to adjust or add to for her and how I want to go about doing that. It has given me a new list of things I need and want to work on.

First, we started a new tradition several years ago where we all have to wear our goofy, but traditional, santa hats while we decorate. I only have enough for the 4 of us and I want them to essentially be the same. My choices are to try and find another one like ours for MCG or get all new. Considering what I have are kind of cheap, crappy things, I really considered just getting nicer, new ones.

Of course that isn’t enough for me, so I’ll be making us all new hats with fun, comfortable materials. Knowing that we will most likely continue to add to our numbers over the years and I really don’t want to have to do this every time we grow, I’ll be getting plenty of fabric to make more in the future. My entire project list is going to take that growth into account as well.

The next new item on my list is stocking holders. We moved our stockings from the stair railing last year because of the construction workers being here and I didn’t want them to constantly be getting bumped or potentially damaged. I figured a way to hang them on my mantle with sticky hooks, but that sticky did some minor damage to my wood. I don’t want permanent hooks or anything and the contour of my mantle makes it impossible to use traditional hangers that would just sit on the mantle (at least ones with any kind of hook that hangs over the edge).

I could go back to hanging them on the stairs, but there is just too much traffic up and down now that it isn’t all that practical. We really loved the look of them on the mantle, so that is where I want them, but I needed to figure out at way to make it work.

After some looking around, I came up with a great idea to build my own hangers that would sit on my mantle. Instead of a hook that would hang over the edge, I’ll be making them with a smaller hook I can hang a ribbon from. I’d hung these on ribbon on the railing before, so it works really well this way.

I came up with the final decorative design ideas today. Something that I could easily make now and reproduce again years down the line as needed without having to buy a bunch of stuff on a guess as to how big (or not) we will grow over the years. I’ve learned that you don’t always grow. Sometimes you stay stagnant or even shrink, so I don’t want so much stuff that I may never use and this idea works perfectly and should be relatively simple to pull off.

When working out my plans for my mantle, I decided that I really, REALLY need to find a better home for our wifi router. We’d moved it there right before MCG came because it provided better signal throughout the house, but it is ugly and takes up too much space. I’m going to test out putting it nearby behind our TV in the corner of the room and see if it works. If so, I have a small table I want to build for it. I was thinking about building a similar one to put on my lower landing of my stairs heading to the basement, so I’d already had a plan for how I wanted to pull it off and should be easy enough to add to my to do list. If it works there.

The last item on my list is the stockings themselves. I haven’t decided what I want to do there. We currently have a sort of mishmash of different ones that I’ve gotten as the kids were born. They are fun and cute and I can do that again with MCG, but I’m not certain I want to. I love the idea of them being either coordinated or all the same. Again, that brings up the problem of growth and how I handle that. If I buy them, I have to buy a lot that we won’t use any time soon, if at all. That isn’t something I like. If I make them, I can do like the hats and just buy a lot of extra material. At least with the material, I can decide at a later date to use it for something else if it looks like I won’t ever need it for the stockings.

I really don’t know for sure what I want to do on that last one. BG has reminded me of how wasteful it is to get all new just because we may want them instead of actually needing them. She is my walking, talking conscious when it comes to environmental stuff and being wasteful. Sadly, even with that, she is also torn because she also loves the idea of having them coordinated/the same. I do have to make a decision soon, though. I need to have time to make whatever it is I decide on happen in time to get the decorating done.

Bare minimum, I have 5 hats to make and 5 stocking holders to build. If I do all the others, that will add at least one table to build and 5 stockings to make. That’s quite the list of projects to work on and get done over the next month. It’s quite a bit, but I’m really excited about working on them. My idea for those holders especially is going to be awesome.

The added bonus is that I’m going to have some fun things to share soon!

The Thing About Color

Doing the color series had been a lot of fun. It has been a challenge at times, but still fun. I want to do a few more, slightly different parts, but I wanted to dig in a little and share how my artist brain works when it comes to color.

If I were to guess, I’d have to say that at least 50% of the time, if not a lot more, when someone were to ask me to name the color of something, I wouldn’t just say “red” or “blue” or whatever the basic color might be. I’d probably have to add a qualifier to that and say that it was a red-orange or that the blue has a purple tone to it.

Then you have colors like peach that really are a true blend of other colors and is kind of it’s own color. It could be seen as a pink or an orange depending on shade, but this sits squarely in the middle of those for me so I wouldn’t put it with either one.

For me, I almost always see the blend of colors as so few colors hit a pure enough tone for me to be able to just say the one color. Sure, there are obvious ones and I don’t always have to be really specific, but if I’m trying to classify a color, I find just as many colors that fall in between as I do ones that I could say definitively fit into a color group.

When doing this series, I had so many photos I would have shared, but I didn’t feel they really fit the color. When I was working with the pink series, I couldn’t bring myself to put a dark magenta flower photo in that mix because it was just a bit too close  to red. The orange series had a lot of things that leaned a bit too far into the browns. For the series, I really wanted something that you could look at and say, without a doubt that, yes, that is definitely that color and I struggled with that at times.

That is part of what has made this series so challenging for me, the way I view colors. I love the idea sharing some of those that I consider in between, but I didn’t have enough of any one color to do an entire week on them.

And then you have black and white. Now that is a whole other ball of wax. Do I do only color photos that showcase black or white or do I use color that has been converted into a black and white photo, because that is a completely different thing all together. I adore black and white photos and could probably do a full month or more in just that, but I wouldn’t say they would fit in a color series where the focus is actual black or white. And like the in between colors, I don’t think I have enough to do a full week on either, though maybe white if I’m willing to post a lot of snow photos (I may have to do that one anyway).

So, I’m not quite done with the color series. I just have to figure out where I want to go next.


Christmas Goodies Collection On Redbubble

I’ve been playing again. And having way too much fun with it.

I’ve designed a few new prints for Redbubble, this time with a Christmas goodies theme. There are 4 different background colors for the same pattern of Christmas trees, snowmen, santa and gingerbread men.

Part of the fun of these is that I also did the individual items so they can be mixed and matched or coordinated together.

Normally I stick mostly to the various products and rarely focus on the clothing options because the photos just don’t do as well on those. But with these designs, they all are mostly fun on EVERYTHING. I especially love the fact that you can do up a whole slightly cheesy, but still cute and fun outfit with the leggings.

And as always, there are masks!

So if you are looking for something a little different this holiday season, these might be just the thing you need. Or if you are looking for something different for gift ideas for others, check out all the other non-Christmasy items as well!

Oh, and Redbubble currently has a sale going on. Use the code DEALS2020 at check out to get 20% – 60% off your purchase.

Snowman On A Starry Winter Night: On Redbubble

I again didn’t have the energy to do much of anything yesterday, but I did feel up to playing a bit and this was the result. As with most of these, I have this up on Redbubble if anyone is interested.

I’m apparently ready for the holidays!

Snowman On A Starry Winter Night

Starry Winter Snowman Apron
Starry Winter Snowman Apron
Starry Winter Snowman Card
Starry Winter Snowman Card
Starry Winter Snowman Fitted Mask
Starry Winter Snowman Fitted Mask

Bring On The Nutcrackers!

My guys are coming up out of storage today along with all of my other outside decorations. It is a little early for me as we usually wait until the weekend after Thanksgiving, but I’m opting to take advantage of the nice weather today to work outside.

I’m standing firm that there are no indoor decorations yet, because I have my santa curtain tradition that is important to me and I really need that this year.

Doing this part now also gives us the chance to organize that under stair storage space for the contractors to be able to close it off when they come to work on my craft room.  Since they are supposed to start any day now, this really needs to get done.

Getting these out is making me want to work on another project, which I can’t yet. My cabinets are going to be my next project. But these were SO much fun to do! I’ve tossed around the idea of trying to do some much smaller than life sized versions, but what I want to do requires even more tools that I don’t currently have. And I’m SO not going to buy anything for like 10 years after my craft room is finished!

But… if anyone else out there is feeling extremely ambitious and wants instructions, feel free to steal or use as a guide for your own version…


New Fitted Mask Style On Redbubble

I’ve been waiting for these to officially launch! It looks like they are now finally available. I like the fitted design so much better than the flat as that is my preferred mask style, so when I saw they were going to be making these, I just got giddy.

These are adjustable, three layers of fabric and they have a nose wire for a more snug fit.

They ARE available in my TJ Fox Redbubble shop, but for some reason, they are still kind of hard to find and don’t show up under “masks” on the “Shop Products” side of things. You have to go through the “Explore Designs” section, click on the design you are interested in and the fitted mask option will show up for purchase.

Fitted Masks Example
Fitted Masks Example

The above is just a small sampling of the choices this mask is available in. This style does not work well with every design, but I do have it active on most.

As always, I’m open to custom work or if there is an image I’ve posted but isn’t out there, I’m more than willing to work with you. Just send me a note through my contact page!

Halloween Ghosts And Jack O’Lanterns on Redbubble

I have a couple of new designs done for Halloween masks out on my Redbubble shop. The only difference is that I liked these designs for more than just the masks, so there all kinds of fun goodies to choose from.

Like travel mugs and aprons.

As always, I’m game for design or image requests if you are looking for something in particular. Just drop me a note through my contact page!

Contractor Search: First Bid – Sticker Shock

I have gotten my first rough estimate to finish my craft room space and… I’m kind of speechless.

Hubby and I did our research, so we had a kind of broad price range to expect this project to come in around, or at least a close ballpark figure. Remember, I’m supposed to be doing a large portion of the work myself, some of the big expense portions if you consider the cabinet work.

The number I was given today? It was 4 times higher than I’d really kind of hoped, but maybe only about 3 times higher than the top of what I expected. That wasn’t including the VERY high estimate I got from our HVAC people to take care of the ventilation portion of the project (again, wasn’t expecting that cost, though I will note part of their estimate included things I did not ask for, so this number isn’t completely accurate).

I’m so shocked and discouraged right now it isn’t even funny.

I know that a portion of this, the electrical, is going to be kind of a beast because we are going to have to expand our panel to accommodate the new load. I fully expect this piece to be on the bigger end, but… just wow! Not even CLOSE to what I was figuring.

What makes it even harder to swallow is the fact that this bid was from the only company that I have liked so far. Partly because the others haven’t even bothered to return calls. Or show up. What is left in my line up is Misogyny Guy and two other companies that haven’t returned calls to even set up appointments yet. I never heard a word from No Show Guy.

I have no clue what I’m going to do from here. One option is to have an electrician come in and take care of that part, but still do everything else myself. I’ve not done any framing before, but been around projects that have had it done, so I understand some basic (though probably not nearly enough). I’ve helped with drywall in the past, but not done it all by myself. What parts I did, I really disliked and is why I wanted to hire out that part.

I really need at least one other number before I can make any decisions, but there is a very real chance that this project, that I’ve already bought stuff for, may not get done. Or at least, not done in the way I want it. I may have to completely rethink my plans.

Not feeling overly happy today.

Redbubble Halloween Masks

I have been toying with this idea almost since I set up my Redbubble store and I saw they did masks. I mean, come on! If you have to wear a face mask, especially around Halloween, you’ve GOT to have fun with it!

TJ Fox’s Halloween Masks on Redbubble

Skull Mask
Skull Mask

The skull mask came from the idea of doing the concept in face paint. That was my initial goal when I started working on it, but I ended up with something a little different, but still fun. I’m still considering a couple of designs based on different face paint concepts, but am trying to figure out how to pull them off.

Smirky Jack O' Lantern Mask
Smirky Jack O’ Lantern Mask

The jack O’ lantern faces were one of the first designs I planned to work on. This is one that I may still do up a couple of different concepts besides the two I have so far. They combine one of my favorite fall activities, pumpkin carving, with the fun of playing in Photoshop.

Goofy Jack O' Lantern Mask
Goofy Jack O’ Lantern Mask

And my deepest apologies to those that hate clowns. I just could not resist! Maybe since it isn’t a full face, it isn’t so bad?

Clown Mask
Clown Mask

As always, if there is a design you’d like me to work on, feel free to let me know! I’m always open to doing something custom.

Twilight Lighthouse on Redbubble

I had so much fun with the Night Sky Silhouette piece I did a while back, I wanted to play some more. Sadly, it took me way too long to carve out the time to sit down and work at my computer, but I finally managed it!

I’m SO thrilled by this one! Even more so for the fact that I didn’t have to try and drag it through three different programs to get the finished piece. I learned how to create my own brushes, which was so awesome and also such a pain (then I lost it when Photoshop crashed on me, so I really wasn’t happy that I lost over an hour’s worth of work.)

Of course I also now have this up on Redbubble with all kinds of fun options to choose from.

I love the concept of the stark silhouette against a vibrant background. I have a feeling I’ll be doing a lot more playing with this concept in the future.

Mask Up and Dance On: Redbubble Collection

My latest Redbubble addition is sort of a whole collection dedicated to dance called Mask Up and Dance On.

The main goal was mask design, but there are a lot of other product options for each design. I’m planning on adding other colors and maybe even another font or two, but this gave me a good starting point.

I loved doing these and learned that if I’m not careful, I’m going to have massive stack of masks because I really want one of every design!

Water, Sky & Flowers On Redbubble

I’ve managed to get a small handful of additional photos uploaded to my Redbubble shop today. This is a LONG work in progress as some take more adjustments than others to get them to look good on all the different products I’d like to see them on. I’m also working on trying to get these loaded in between all the other things I have on my massive to do list.

My goal is to keep chipping away at my list of back images so I can keep up with new ones, all while working on new art pieces to go along with the photos.

Don’t forget that pretty much everything comes in a mask (because of course I’m going to push for the masks)!

Purple Crocus Imperfections Mask
Purple Crocus Imperfections Mask

As always, if you see something along the way that isn’t in the shop but you’d like it to be, drop me a note and I’ll make it a priority. I’m also open to discuss custom projects if you have something in mind!

Night Sky Silhouette & Reflection

Adobe recently, and finally, released a new version of Fresco that I can now use on my laptop. Until now, it had only been available on iPad, which was hugely disappointing because it looked like an amazing hybrid tool that allows both pixel and vector based drawing.

Since I’ve gotten it, I’ve been playing around trying to understand all the various tools and brushes and familiarize myself with how it all works, what I can and can’t do. I do love it, though it has a few somewhat ugly limitations (no real blending/smudging tool). It had a lot of the features that I loved in the Adobe Sketch app I have on my tablet, so I played in there as well for comparison.

I was messing around and ended up with the start of something I really liked in Sketch, but I bumped into some of it’s limitations (or even more likely, my own lack of understanding and limitations). I really wanted to add a certain feature I couldn’t in there so, I decided to see how well I could move that piece to another program and do what I knew another program could.

By the time I was done, this had made it from Sketch into Fresco and finished out in Photoshop. It took a bit to figure out how to get it where I needed it, but now that I know, I’m so excited to play more.

For something that just started out as me messing around and attempting to learn, I’m extraordinarily pleased with how this turned out. Even more so when I uploaded it to my Redbubble shop to see if it would work on any of the products and realized that it looks amazing on pretty much everything.

I have a few tweaks I’ll need to make before I can get a couple of those products active, but it is available for most.

Night Sky Drawstring Bag
Night Sky Drawstring Bag

TJ Fox On Redbubble: Photo/Art Prints And Fun Products

One of my most recent and ongoing projects has been setting up a Redbubble store. The goal was to have a place to offer prints of many of the photos I post here, but there are so many other cool things you can get from them as well.

This is ongoing because I still have a ton of photos to get modified and uploaded, but I’ve gotten a small start. You can now find prints and more in the TJ Fox Redbubble Store. I plan to get some art and design style pieces mixed in along with the photos as well (only a couple at the moment), but those are going to take just a bit longer.

So yes, you can get photo prints in all the typical shapes, sizes and formats: art prints, framed prints, canvas, cards, etc. But you can also get other fun stuff as well.

And these are just a tiny sampling. There are SO many more items.

Oh and masks! Did you see the fun masks?!

Funky Flowers On Green Mask
Funky Flowers On Green Mask

Even though I ended up with all the trials and mistakes on the masks I made for everyone else and I already have a good size stash, I know I’m going to still have to get a couple of these. I love the fact that I can wear my personality and my art in such a way.

I think that was part of my issue with Fine Art America when I tried them. While they offered a lot of fun stuff, there weren’t a lot of things I’d actually want myself. I’m not finding that an issue on Redbubble, which is probably unfortunate.

There are even puzzles!! And yes, I’m evil enough to make that repeating pattern from the mask above into a puzzle.

End of an Iris Puzzle
End of an Iris Puzzle

And if there is ever something I’ve posted here on my blog that you’d like to see in the store and isn’t, please feel free to send me a note and I’ll do what I can to get it out there for you. I do currently have a long list of images I intend to upload, but I’ll bump any requests to the top of my to do list.

I’d also be willing to discuss any custom art or art for a specific product if you like the idea of something but aren’t finding a design or image you love.

Please take a few minutes to go browse all the other awesomeness that’s in the shop. Feel free to brag about that awesomeness to others and share the link until someone yells at you for spamming (or not, don’t want you to get into trouble).

All the love that is spread is greatly appreciated!