Another Pink Sky

We were treated with another extremely showy sunset last night. Also with so much pink in the sky it seemed a little unreal.

There was a big difference last night, though. All that gorgeous pink? It was in the east. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a sky quite like it. On the horizon to the west where the sun set, where you almost always see the most brilliant of colors, only had a low band of paler pink clouds near the horizon. There were some other, fluffy clouds in the area, but they didn’t get tinged and stayed on the white/gray side.

Until you hit about the midway point of the sky looking to the east, then it just got amazing. Those clouds just lit up in these amazing waves of pink across the sky, getting deeper and more vibrant in color the closer you got to the eastern horizon where the clouds were a little thicker.

It was so unusual to see the normal color clouds closer to the sunset like that. There was a somewhat distinct line between where the color was and where it wasn’t.

West Side of Sunset
West Side of Sunset

The above photo is facing west, the first photo is towards the east. I really kept expecting the color to start hitting some of these other clouds, but it never did.

We got that pink tinge to everything again, too. It was like a classic golden hour, except it was pink.


Color Series: The In Betweens Day 6

This is actually going to be the last post in this series. I ended up focusing on the different color ranges instead of individual photos and this is the last of the colors I wanted to touch on. I could have shared a lot more photos of things in those same colors, but I wanted to keep it to one per color.

Peach is one of those colors that really is a color all on its own. I could have probably done a full series on just peach, but it is, again, one of those colors that tends to have too many inbetweens.

This iris alone can come across as a darker, more orange peach or a paler, pinker peach depending on the time of day and the lighting. This is one that I am more comfortable with as it’s own color, but still find too many that seem to fall just outside of the boundaries.

I’m thinking of working on a black and white series next, but need a few minutes to breathe something other than paint fumes to get that one going.


Color Series: The In Betweens Day 5

This is a great example of when white isn’t actually white. When I did the white series, I ended up having to just go with a few that I really didn’t want to include because they didn’t hit a true enough white for me, but I realized after I started the series that way too many that I thought would work still bothered me because they had just a tint of color.

On this iris, the left petals tint towards a very pale purple and right ones have tones of yellow and green. Both are pretty faint, but noticeable. It’s funny because when you are standing back and looking at this flower, it is absolutely white. It isn’t until you get closer, say when trying to do a macro photo, that you really start to see the colors.

When I started this series, I knew I’d have a few colors I struggled with, but I really wasn’t expecting white to be one of them.

Color Series: The In Betweens Day 4

The red-oranges are similar to the yellow-oranges for me. They tend to skew too close to orange or brown for me to be able to comfortably drop them into a red category. It is one of the reasons the red series was harder for me as a lot of reds fall either on this side or on the magenta side of things.

I got some exciting news today and my poor brain is bouncing off the walls excited, but I can’t share just yet. Sadly, that also means my thoughts have been utterly scattered to the winds, so I’m keeping it brief today.

Color Series: The In Betweens Day 3

Blues aren’t usually ones that trip my brain up, but as soon as it starts to really pull into the purple range of colors, all bets are off. Colors that are similar to this sort of periwinkle color are especially difficult for my brain to want to put into a single color group as it is just as much purple as it is blue. For me, this color in particular seems to sit right on the dividing line between the two.

I can also say that my camera did not do the color of these flowers justice. The color in real life seemed just a bit softer and just slightly less purple than this photo shows.