Pale Purple Iris

My Iris are almost done for the year. I’m lucky I was able to get the photos I did as the rain and wind did a number on them. I had one dark purple Iris that was blooming for a day that I managed to get a picture of that day and it was on the ground by the following morning after a storm. I’ll have Lilies soon, but I don’t have nearly enough flowering plants in my yard. That may have to change this summer.

Rain Speckled Iris

I have Irises blooming. Not all of them yet, but a few. I love the color variations in this one. It is so vivid and eye catching. Irises are some of my favorite to photograph because there are so many different interesting parts, especially once you get close. Fair warning, there will be lots more Iris images in the days to come, when I’m not going insane getting things done in prep for recital or running BG to a million events.

Between The Rains

Yesterday was kind of nasty, with rain most of the day. We did have a very brief period where the rain not only stopped, but the sun came out and we got some really pretty blue skies. Of course I took advantage and ran out to try and get some pictures. This one is one of my favorites, though I have so many, it is impossible to pick. I think it is the first time I’ve ever managed to get such a strong reflection inside a water drop. I have a few others that came out as cool, but I’m saving them.

This latest round of pictures put me just over 300 images on my photo print site!

Happy Mother’s Day!

To everyone that has ever filled the role of Mother, no matter your gender or DNA, Happy Mother’s Day!

For me, being Mom has never been just bout having given birth, though that is part of my motherhood. It is about going to countless baseball games, screaming and cheering until my voice gives out, even if I cannot stand baseball.

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Cranky Pants It Is

*The picture is for those that really don’t want to read the rant. It looks kinda mean and thorny which is how I’m feeling, but it is still on the pretty side so you won’t have to suffer. Much.

I have tried. I really have, but apparently cranky is going to be it for me today. I have a lot of thinking to do on what I’m willing to do and not do with regards to trying to be a part of the indie author community and get exposure for my book.

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Iris Bud

Yesterday was… a day. When I wasn’t on the computer, most everything was good. I got some really cool pics and that made me really happy. Getting on the computer and internet… well, that just pricked at my patience and irritated the hell out of me. So much so, I felt like turning this blog into a giant rantfest and changing the name to The Cranky Old Hag. Obviously I didn’t, but the temptation was still very much there because that is pretty much how I felt. Instead I walked away and picked up a book instead, which wasn’t actually that easy and was part of the desire to scream.

So this morning I was faced with the choice. Feed the cranky old hag or do something that made me happy. I’m going with happy. And pretty. So, here is a purple Iris bud for you. Choose happy today.

Today’s Pretty: Peony Bud

It took me a while to realize that Peonies do this weird thing when they are going through the bud phase. They produce this liquidy/syrupy substance over the buds and is why mine are often covered in ants. I honestly just thought I was always catching them with dew collected on them or after they’d been rained on or the sprinklers had run. I don’t think I’ve seen a Peony bud that didn’t have some form of liquid on it at while it was in that state. One of the cool things you learn when you stop and look at the smaller things.

Storms And Rainbows

I love storms. The crazy looking clouds. The lightning. The rain (most times). Pretty much everything. Hubby and I joke that when we retire we are going to go storm chasing. Think of all the cool photo opportunities! Sadly, I need to get a whole hell of a lot better at taking pictures of storms before that can happen. I got a little practice the other day after the all day storm finally broke. We got a stunning full double rainbow right out my back door and I managed to get some of the best rainbow pics I’ve ever taken. Which, considering I was battling keeping my camera dry, keeping the back door open and the cats in while jockeying for position with BG trying to do the same, is damn near miraculous in itself.

Double Rainbow
Double Rainbow

I also managed to obliterate the total number of photos I took over the entire year last year with this grouping. I didn’t hit 1k images (only counting nature shots) until late fall last year. The below photo was my number 1k for this year and we JUST hit May.

Orange Gold Storm Clouds
Orange Gold Storm Clouds

While the coloring in the cloud shots was a little off, it really wasn’t off by much.

Storm Clouds
Storm Clouds

Soft Color Sand Cherry Blossom

Almost all the photos I post are straight from the camera, with little to no edits. If I do, most often it is just a simple crop to reframe the image a bit or a straight up change to black and white. I was seeing how this would look in black and white, but when I dropped the saturation levels a little, I loved the softer, muted colors so much more than a full on black and white. I did the same with another image from that day and I think it may be one of the new things I do.

Prints can be found on TJ’s Pixels site.

Chokecherry Blooms

The chokecherry is probably one of my favorite trees and I’ve posted about it before because of that. This year, the timing was perfect to have the windows open for a couple of days when this was in full bloom, meaning I could sit here and just be enveloped in the absolutely wonderful smell those blooms produce. Sadly, they only lasted those few days. Now we are down to the bloom/seed stalks left after all those gorgeous petals have been blown away.

I’m also hugely saddened that my second tree is struggling this year and it looks like half or a little better died off over the winter. It had almost no blooms on it because such a small part of it made it to spring. We’ve had that one in the ground for probably 3 years now, so it really hurts to lose so much of its size.

Image can be purchased on TJs Pixels site.