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Snow Day And The Last Of The 40s

It seems like there is always snow on my birthday. I’m sure that isn’t the reality, but I remember so many times over the years when I’ve had to change or cancel plans because the weather was too bad to get out.

This year decided to follow tradition and gift us with snow. We didn’t see a white Christmas, but I apparently got the white for the last of my birthdays in my 40s. When I’d been talking about all of the lasts that I’ll be seeing and experiencing over the next year, that isn’t one that really even crossed my radar, but now it’s here and the kids are teasing me about it. I have a year to prepare for being a half a century old. Yikes!

At least I’m at an age where the change in plans or cancellations aren’t that upsetting because it just means I get to go out and take some photos, something that almost always brings me joy. Definitely glad we decided to do a nice dinner a day early before the snow hit, though. No one is doing anything other than playing in that stuff today.

10 thoughts on “Snow Day And The Last Of The 40s

  1. Happy Birthday! I’ve always felt fortunate that with a mid September birthday I sort of get the best mix of summer and fall- cooler morning and sunny afternoons to do whatever.

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