Craft Room Project: Prepping For The Next Phase

And BG’s dance floor is no more. Well, for now at least.

My plan was to take over her space once recital was done so I could actually have room to work on the next steps, which is building the doors, painting the cabinets, and getting everything ready to start installing. With the cabinets sitting in their places, I ran out of room to work comfortably, especially with the saws, so that was the best solution, but I had to wait for her to be done using her floor for a while.

Hubby and I had originally talked about just getting a few more boxes of that flooring to get it to the walls and give that space a more finished look as we didn’t plan on finishing the rest of the basement. The farther I got done on this project and the closer I got to working on the floor, the less I liked that idea.

Even though we aren’t officially finishing the space, I didn’t want it to stand out like a sore thumb in comparison to the rest of the house. I’ve spent the last 20 years gradually weeding out the bits of oak we had so that everything would blend together and not look like a mishmash of different styles (joys of combining two full houses from people with different styles). I only have a couple of pieces left and I have plans to refinish or paint them in the very near future. It defeats that purpose to have this be a huge portion of the basement floor. That and the options for tying the two floors together weren’t great.

So, after much discussion and number crunching, we are going to extend the floor I’m putting in my room into that space to give it a more polished look. It still won’t be fully finished, but with the floor and the panels I got by mistake for my doors, it will still be a nice, clean semi-finished look that will blend with the fully finished room.

It also gives BG a better floor to dance on. She discovered that the one I pulled up was just a bit too smooth and was still way too easy to slip on when wearing certain shoes. The new floor has a bit more texture and will provide just enough grip to make it a great dance space.

I won’t be tossing the old floor, though. I’m going to, eventually, put it in the cat room. I’m okay with that since there is a door to that space and it won’t really get seen. It will make it a bit easier to keep that space cleaner as well. I still don’t love the floor, but it was cheap and it will do the job without messing up the overall look of the finished space.

All of my saws have been moved and set up in the open area and I’m working on cleaning up everything in the new room so I’m closer to being ready to paint. I still have to add the shelving to the one remaining cabinet before I can paint. The one counter top still needs to be cut as well because the counters will get stained somewhere in there along the was as well.

I’m still debating on whether I need to do the drawers now, or wait until later. They aren’t critical to be done before I paint and I really need Hubby to review my designs and math to make sure everything is right, so I’m procrastinating on those.

I hate that I’m back in a no visible progress place for this.


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