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Craft Room Project: Update – I Think?

Today is one of those totally mixed, “I have no fickin’ clue how I feel” kind of days.

It started with another text, no phone call, informing me that a couple of guys would be out to finish up the framing. No time frame, just that they would be here. I asked for an ETA and was told 20- 30 minutes.

Yeah. Thanks for the heads up that I specifically asked you for. It is beyond obvious that you are not a cat person and have no clue what it means to try and get a cat somewhere they don’t want to go. Shockingly, our difficult kitty was oddly cooperative this morning, so that was a bonus as we were resigned to leaving her hiding in the basement and keeping our fingers crossed she didn’t decide to bolt up the stairs during one of the many trips up and down and out the door while it was open. We managed to get her safely closed up in her designated room before anyone showed.

On the one hand I should be grateful that there are people here and working. Mostly. I think. I cannot even begin to predict how much they will get done as the one guy has been on the phone pretty much the entire time he’s been here and the other guy was gone for an hour and a half on a supply run.

They also had to call in our other guy, who apparently hasn’t actually had his surgery yet (though I know he cannot work in his condition), to come out and walk them through exactly what needs to be done because apparently what I attempted to walk them through on wasn’t enough. Granted, I couldn’t give them door sizes that still need to be framed, but I’d thought the guys had noted that on the floor when they marked all this out. I’m not feeling that these guys are swimming in the deep end of gene pool and have a bad feeling these are the same guys our guy was complaining about messing up their previous job.

I felt horrible that they had to drag the other guy in, he looked like he was in a whole hell of a lot of pain. I am grateful that he was willing to come out and make sure they did the job right, but I still felt awful for him.

When they took off for lunch after they’d been here for a few hours, I went to check progress and honestly couldn’t see that they’d done much at all. It is a little concerning, but I’ll take slow if it means it is accurate. I just don’t have the confidence that these guys are going to do as good of a job or as accurate as the previous guys.

I am massively relieved that the part that had the most critical measurement is already done and it can’t be messed up.

7 thoughts on “Craft Room Project: Update – I Think?

  1. Oh, yeah love those time frames. I have had plumbers call from my driveway at 7 in the morning to announce that they are there! Yet, you are so absurdly grateful that they are there that you just go with it. That poor man that had to come and walk them through the whole thing! Hope it continues without mishap.

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