The Moon And Mars

I completely would have missed this if Hubby hadn’t commented on how cool the moon looked last night. I wasn’t even aware you could see Mars that clearly and thought it was a plane at first. I actually had to look it up to figure out what I had seen. I don’t think I’ve ever noticed it quite so distinctly before. In the main image it is just a tiny dot that you can barely see, but it was very bright to the naked eye.

The one below completely blows out the moon and Mars is more of a streak rather than a dot, but you can see the positioning. That and I really liked the odd pattern of light that shows around the moon in this even if the image itself isn’t great.

Overexposed Partial Moon With The Streak of Mars
Overexposed Partial Moon With The Streak of Mars

I’m so glad I decided to grab my camera. I’ve been having fun playing with night/star shots lately. I have plans, weather permitting, to go out next week during the Perseid meteor shower peak to see what I can pull off. Keep your fingers crossed for me that the weather cooperates!

5 thoughts on “The Moon And Mars

    1. Perseid is the big one at the moment. The peak is supposed to be over the next three days, but it lasts much longer both directions than that. I think there is also a smaller one going on as well, but I’m not up on the specifics of that one. What you saw could have been from either one.

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    1. I really hope I get the chance. I’m too deep into the city to get anything decent here so will have to drive about an hour. As of right now, we have a chance for rain almost every day. I hope you have good luck! At least one of us should be able to get some shots.

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