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What started out as a plan to get some good shots of MC in his cap and gown, especially now that he isn’t going to participate in the actual ceremony, turned into a multi-hour, full blown senior portrait session.


Or not.

I now have dozens of some of the best photos of MC ever taken. I’m just absolutely blown away at how stunning these turned out.

It was also the first time I’d ever attempted a full on portrait session like this with lighting and backdrop and everything. I caved and got the set up because I found I could get these pieces for relatively cheap in comparison to the cost of a session with a professional photographer. I also figured I’d find ways to make use of it all over the years.

It was worth every single dime I spent on it.

Unfortunately, that means I now have to go through all those amazing photos and narrow it down to the few I want to get printed to put in an album for MC. Talk about trying to accomplish the impossible.

*ETA… While I won’t share a photo of MC, I can share this cropped image of him holding our cat Cleo who decided to investigate what was going on.

Our Cleo Kitty
Our Cleo Kitty

7 thoughts on “Overboard?

    1. I just finished editing all the shots. I think. I somehow managed to overlook and entire group of shots I took several weeks ago. Didn’t even realize it until I thought I was all done with his “package” I’m putting together. I swear, this has been a never ending project.

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      1. Considering I’m looking at a total of 40+ final images I have to decide on which ones are getting printed and what I’m doing with them all, I’d say I did okay. His GF is VERY happy with them! 😀


    1. Thank you! I’m so much better with nature, especially macro. Portraits aren’t my thing. I’ve been mostly pleased with the outdoor shots I’ve taken for him, but they weren’t quite as good as I’d really wanted. These? LOVE them all. Even better, he is pleased and his gf is adoring them.

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