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Back On Track

Today is the first day that everyone is back to a normal routine after the holidays. Hubby is back to work. The kids are back in school. And it is so quiet in the house.

Well, at least it is in between the moments when I’m desperately trying to cough up a lung (thank you so much my old friend bronchitis, I thought you’d decided to leave me alone this winter), something I’ve been trying hard to do on an off since around Thanksgiving. It is hard to try and get back into any kind of normal routine when you feel like crap.

The longer than normal break has allowed MC’s birthday to sneak up on me. He will be turning 18 and that is such a mixed bag of emotions. We keep joking that we are kicking him out now that he is an adult. He just keeps laughing at us.

Because of his birthday, Death by Chocolate is in my future. The fun of having birthdays so close to the holidays (both MC’s and mine) is that it feels like the holidays don’t just stop, but trickle away slowly. That goes for all the food and goodies.

I have a day to try and get up the energy to do everything I need to for that and I’m going to spend it with my nose buried in a book, eating cough drops like candy and trying not to nap with the hope that I’ll actually be tired enough to sleep through the coughing for a change.

12 thoughts on “Back On Track

    1. Yuk! That really isn’t a club I was excited to join! A crafting club or something would have been so much more fun. Why couldn’t we do that one instead?!


      1. I’ve never even heard of it. I’m not sure I even want to ask because the last thing I need is some other craft project to spend money on.


    1. I get this nastiness every year, normally around Halloween, and it hangs around until Spring. Out of the last 20 or so years, I think I’ve had maybe 3 or 4 years that I’ve somehow managed to dodge it. I thought I’d pulled it off this year, but nope! Sucker snuck in later than usual.


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