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Today’s Project… Painting

I need to preface this with the fact that I don’t normally paint. If I do, it is almost always something small like the faces on my nutcrackers or something like that. I have done a few projects over the years, but I’ve never felt like I was very good at it. When I took pictures of BG in her pointe costume so I could use it as reference for the cake, I fell in love with the entire shot. It just would not let me go and next thing I know, I need to try and paint it, even though that isn’t really my thing.

2019 Pointe Costume
2019 Pointe Costume

My thing or not, I am a little floored at how good this turned out. It is far from perfect. I’ve picked it apart for all the places I made mistakes or could have done better, but…I’ve kind of shocked myself.

This ended up being one of those creative projects where I sit down to work for a while and realize that I’ve missed lunch, the kids will be home any second and I’ve lost an entire day without noticing. I’m tired, but just thrilled because it really did come out better than I expected.

Now I’m going to be forced to fight BG for it. She wants it to hang in her room. I wanted it for my office. MC is also asking when I’m going to paint one of him. I wonder if this will be enough to settle my creative muse down for a while because I really need a damn break!

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