Color Series: Blue Day 7

For anyone that wants to play along, my only suggestions (suggestions, not rules!) are:

The color is the dominate focus in the image as opposed to a small spot in a lot of other colors.

Drop a comment so I can follow along on your color journey.

That’s it! I hope you play along and have some fun!

Eeep! No Thanks!

I was kneeling on the ground working on getting some photos of my autumn sedum when I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. I fully expected to see a fly or a bee as they love the sedum. Instead, I get this intense looking guy hanging out on the hinge of my fence gate and he is just staring at me. Every shift in position I make, he moves so he is still looking at me.

I managed to get a shot or two before I just couldn’t do it anymore and decided to go find something else to take pictures of. Did I mention I’m SO not a fan of spiders? Even getting this ready to post gave me the creepy crawlies. There is a reason this isn’t a better shot.

New Neighbor

This is one not so brilliant, but phenomenally determined bird. They started building this nest above our garage earlier in the spring. Sadly, the location is horrible and catches the wind all the time. The nest got blown off at least 4 different times, but they were back within a day and building again.

It apparently stayed in place long enough the last time for them to be able to spend a lot of time in it. I’m certain that means we have eggs sitting in that nest now. So far, they’ve been exceptionally lucky that it hasn’t gotten blown of that narrow ledge again.

I’m sure a big part of that is that there is one sitting in there almost all the time, but if anyone comes anywhere near the nest or that corner of the house, it flies off, so I’m still a little surprised. I’m just hoping we don’t go out one day and see a bunch of shattered eggs on the driveway.

Scaly Visitor

This little guy has been hanging out in our front flower beds. There may be several, but I haven’t been able to get a good look before now, so I don’t know if what I’ve seen scurrying across the sidewalk is the same one or different ones.

Now that I’ve seen this one up close, I’ll be able to tell if there is more than one because this one looks to have had a rough life as it has a nasty scar on its side.

I’ve been sitting on the front porch in the afternoons when it isn’t raining just to get some fresh air and sit in the sun for a few minutes. I’m going to be on lizard watch now to see if I can figure out how many we have hanging out.

Look Into My Eyes

I’m going to admit that taking the photos of this made me really jumpy. Especially when I wanted to get this closer shot and I’ve got my camera up in this thing’s face. When my flash pops up on the top of my camera, I jumped and maybe squealed a little bit because I thought it was the mantis jumping at me. I would have peed myself if I hadn’t been using the screen on the back. If I’d had my eye to the viewfinder when that happened, I’d probably be looking at how much it cost to fix a broken camera. No, I’m not a huge fan of bugs and stuff like that. Probably why you don’t get to see too many photos of them.

Snail Pace

For some reason, we are getting overrun with snails this year. There are very few times that you can walk outside a not see either the full snail or the shell they’ve left behind. I’m thrilled for the photo opportunities, but I just don’t remember ever seeing so many of them before. The few minutes I was outside this morning taking photos, I saw 6 or 8 of them just around my back patio. These are two that were hanging out on the edge and just outside of my patio. The grass was still wet and dewy so I really didn’t want to step out any farther than that because I was too lazy to get my shoes on first.

Snail In The Dewy Grass
Snail In The Dewy Grass
Snail In The Dewy Grass
Snail In The Dewy Grass
Snail On Concrete
Snail On Concrete

Yard Friend

I was walking around in the yard the other day taking pictures. I have no clue why I decided to look down at that exact moment, but if I hadn’t, I would have stepped on this little guy. I almost didn’t even notice him when I looked. He was just hanging out in the grass, snuggled between the blades just enough to be overlooked.

Today’s Cuteness: Baby Bunny!

Hubby came across this little guy huddled in the grass the other day when he was mowing and had to be careful. There was actually a second one, but ran into some bushes to hide. This one was still out there when he finished and I was able get really close and grab several shots. Poor thing was terrified.

Baby Bunny
Baby Bunny