Shape Of Water Series #1

I really liked the concept of the photo series I did with the peonies, so I’m going to repeat it with this theme. I again enlisted the help of BG in creating some waves and movement in the pool so I could take photos of the play of water and light that happens when it is in motion. I did this last year and came out with some phenomenal photos and I wanted to see if I could pull it off again.

Nearly 600 photos later (easy to pull off when you are in action mode and holding down the button), and I managed to get quite a few. I was surprised by how few, but I also attempt to try and do some of these with my macro lens as well as my zoom. The macro lens just does not respond fast enough to get focused. I did get some while using that lens, but not many. I did get more than enough overall to run these as a series, though.

Like with the peony series, I’ll mix in other subjects along the way.

Just At The Edge

I’m sticking with words about pictures today because if I were to give you other words, they’d probably be ugly and frustrated as that is very much the mood I’m in today.

As for the words about pictures, I took a ridiculous number of photos of water while I was away. Moving, reflecting, tiny waves breaking, splashes and just whatever I could try to get while I had it in front of me. This is one of many favorites from the trip because of the point in time I managed to capture this one. It is the moment before the little wave falls completely over the edge of the rock. I have so many in this sequence, both before and after, I could probably turn it into a video, but this one stood out for me. I’m certain I’ll have more water pics in the days to come, but this one seemed really fitting for today, that feeling of hanging on the edge.