Color Series: Blue Day 3

For anyone that wants to play along, my only suggestions (suggestions, not rules!) are:

The color is the dominate focus in the image as opposed to a small spot in a lot of other colors.

Drop a comment so I can follow along on your color journey.

That’s it! I hope you play along and have some fun!

Tiny Rainbows In Fall Leaves

Covid test is done. I’d rather not have to do a repeat, but it wasn’t horrible. It wasn’t awesome, but it wasn’t horrible. Now I have to wait 24 hours for results.

I’d hoped to start the cough medicine and the antibiotics today and wait until I got my results tomorrow before starting the steroid, but when Hubby went to pick up my prescriptions, they were out of the cough meds (one of the most important pieces to getting this under control) and wouldn’t get more in until later today.

So, I’m still in wait mode and probably won’t be seeing any kind of relief for at least another day or two. Blech!

And my nose is still tingling and I feel like I need to sneeze, but can’t.

Can I just take a nap?

Painting The Mood

Of all the “accidents” I managed, this one is has a different kind of interest for me as it almost has a painting like look to it. There are so many times I’ll look at the sky, especially a sunset, and it looks like it has been painted there. I think this is one of the only times I’ve ever managed to flip that on it’s head and get a photo that looks like a painting of the sky.

Moving Sunrise

These are the last specific shots I’ll be posting from my Wisconsin trip. I find these kind of funny as one of my goals for the trip was to get both sunrise and sunset shots from the peninsula, yet the only sunrise shots I got the entire time were from the moving car the morning we left to go on the trip. Taking photos from a moving car is… interesting.

Foggy Sunrise
Foggy Sunrise

I didn’t get that many that turned out because I invariably ended up with a tree that had been right next to the highway end up in the center of my shot leaving me with a fogged out blurry mess. I still got a couple to show how amazing it looked that morning, but I seem to have missed the best ones with the fog shrouded trees all the way up to the highway’s edge.

Foggy Sunrise On The Move
Foggy Sunrise On The Move

So that one isn’t great (at all), but you can get a sense of what I was talking about. We hit a couple of patches of really dense fog. At that time of day it makes it really interesting trying to drive. It added to the eerie feelings a bit when you are the only car on the road at that time of day and you don’t see another one for over an hour.

Foggy Sunrise
Foggy Sunrise

This really was a beautiful start to what was an amazing trip.

Golden Foggy Sunrise
Golden Foggy Sunrise

Bright, Sunshiny Day

It begins. I just saw MC off for his first day of being a Senior. My brain still hasn’t quite wrapped itself around that concept yet. Maybe I’ll have gotten a handle on it before he walks with his cap and gown. Maybe.

For now, I’m going to have a cup of coffee and one of our traditional first day of school treats: donuts. Then I have to wrestle our oldest cat off to the vet. Hopefully that will keep my mind from tying itself in knots over the Senior thing and the quiet in the house. At least for a while.