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Holiday Project #3: Snowman Stocking Holders

And done!! I kind of can't believe I got these done it time, but I did. With a couple of days to spare, which I desperately needed because I have way too many other things to do over the next few days. I only managed that because I've spent the last several days doing nothing… Continue reading Holiday Project #3: Snowman Stocking Holders

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Holiday Project #3: Stocking Holders In Progress

Probably one of the hardest parts of building my stocking holders is finished. I had to figure out a way to cut "sides" into wood spheres to give the balls flat sides for the top and bottom. Let me tell you, that required some major creativity and patience. And I wasn't entirely precise, because that… Continue reading Holiday Project #3: Stocking Holders In Progress

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Christmas Goodies Collection On Redbubble

I've been playing again. And having way too much fun with it. I've designed a few new prints for Redbubble, this time with a Christmas goodies theme. There are 4 different background colors for the same pattern of Christmas trees, snowmen, santa and gingerbread men. Part of the fun of these is that I also… Continue reading Christmas Goodies Collection On Redbubble