Happy Halloween!

It looks a little different than normal around here. We aren’t carving pumpkins or handing out candy this year. Instead, we are going to do our first big Family Night since MCG moved in.

I’ll be doing our traditional finger food/junk food buffet while we play games or watch movies (still on the fence as to which, though we may do both). Instead of carving pumpkins, we will be decorating pumpkin sugar cookies. I needed to still have a Halloween related artsy activity or I’d be one unhappy camper.

BG is insisting on still dressing up on some level and will be wearing her Maleficent wings and horns all day. The best I could do was find my fuzzy socks that look like candy corn. I would have done more, but I hate spending any time trying to cook while in a costume. I may still throw something on later when most of that is done.

We are definitely at that point in our lives with how old the kids are that it’s time for our Halloween traditions to start to change. I still love doing pumpkins, but we just didn’t have the time to go get any this year. Pumpkin carving isn’t one I’m willing to give up on a permanent basis. The rest? I think I’m good with some change.

Hope you all have a wonderful Halloween!

Happy Thanksgiving

Today I will sit down with my family and enjoy a meal I spent hours working on. It isn’t something I begrudge because it is one of the ways I get to show how much I care about them. We are all healthy. We are all safe. We are all happy and loved. For that, I am grateful for so many cannot say the same. I am also incredibly grateful to know that my good friend and her family are also safe after having been evacuated from their home because of the fires in California. They still have a home and a job to get back to. They are some of the more fortunate ones. They may not be as happy or feel as safe today because their lives are still turned upside down, but they are safe. They are healthy. They are still here and the world is a better place because of that.  So today I am grateful for so many things but it is with the heaviness of knowing that so many others aren’t so fortunate today.