Color Series: The In Betweens Day 1

I’m finally getting around to working on this branched out color series. The focus will be on the colors that I don’t feel really fits solidly into one standard color or another.

I was going to try and target warm colors vs. cool colors as a way of trying to organize or group these, but I realized that my silly brain has about as much problem with that as it does with trying to label some of these as a standard color. So, that idea is getting tossed. I’ll just post the photos as I find them and a brief explanation as to what my brain does with that particular color.

As with my previous color series, my goal is for whatever photo I post to have a single color be the focus of the image, but I may give myself a little more wiggle room for these.

Magenta is one of those colors that refuses to let me put it in any single category. It is a kind of pink that leans too far red and has just a shade too much blue, which edges it closer to a kind of purple. It is a warmer color, but it has those bluish, cooling undertones to it. Not so much to drop it into a cool color for me, but it softens it just enough that it doesn’t entirely feel like a warm color either.

It is also one of those colors that from a photography standpoint, can go all over the place if you don’t make the right adjustments. It is one that seems to be difficult for me to get a true color in the photo in comparison to how I see it in real life.

Peony’s End Series #4

This peony had a friend. And apparently also one of those little red mite/spider thingies. I didn’t know about the red visitor until I brought this up on my computer. This little friend stuck around long enough for me to get a few shots before he slinked back behind the flowers.

Snail On Peony
Snail On Peony
Snail On Peony
Snail On Peony

Peony’s End Series #2

Today I’m even more grateful that I got the opportunity to get all those peony photos the day I did. Yesterday, all the petals from every flower except the healthiest were blown off in a nasty storm that raced through overnight. That was followed by another one last night, leaving even fewer flowers and petals to take pictures of. That poor peony just looks stripped bare now.

Peony’s End Series, The First

Yesterday was an unusually great day photography wise. I think I just hit the exact right time of day for lighting or something because I had more amazing photos in the round than I think I’ve ever had at one time. Funny, but almost all of those amazing ones were of peonies that were dead or well on their way there.

When I was moving them all from my camera and I realized how many good ones I had and how much of a struggle I was going to have deciding which ones I was going to want to share. Especially since so many of them were of peonies in various stages of dying off. All so similar in subject, but so unique at the same time.

I thought it would be an interesting experiment to try and post them as a series. Not that I don’t sort of already do that, but this way I’m being a bit more specific in what is related. Mostly it will just be in how I name the posts.

Anyway, that just means I’ll be posting lots of photos of peonies for a while with maybe some non-peony photos mixed in here and there.


One of my two peonies are blooming. My other one should be opening in the next couple of days. That means that with my iris, I have tons of color going on in my yard right now.

Now if the weather could get its act together and remember that we are in mid/late May instead of April, that would be great. I’d also really like to see the sun again soon. That’d be great.

Candy Stripe Peony Bud

This isn’t actually a striped peony, it just has those darker pink lines on the outer petals just before it opens and it makes me think of peppermint candy. Sadly, these are already done for the season. It seems like the day they bloomed or just started blooming is when we got hit by storms and it beat the hell out these before I really got a chance to get some pictures.

I’ll have daylilies soon, though. I already have a couple that have opened, but haven’t been able to get any pictures because it was raining yesterday.

Today’s Pretty: Peony Bud

It took me a while to realize that Peonies do this weird thing when they are going through the bud phase. They produce this liquidy/syrupy substance over the buds and is why mine are often covered in ants. I honestly just thought I was always catching them with dew collected on them or after they’d been rained on or the sprinklers had run. I don’t think I’ve seen a Peony bud that didn’t have some form of liquid on it at while it was in that state. One of the cool things you learn when you stop and look at the smaller things.