404 Error: Brain Cannot Be Found

With this stove debacle going on, I’ve had to really try and get creative on meals since I don’t want to eat out for days on end. We spent dinner last night (frozen pizza, which is another I don’t want to live on for days) discussing meal options for the next several days, which is extremely complicated when I only have access to an oven and not a cook top.

Do you have any idea how much you use your stove top without really thinking about it?

After lots of discussions and twisting our brains as we realize that meal after meal still has some part that has to be prepped on the stove, we come up with a few to get us through. Hubby goes to the store so we have what we need to make it happen.

We are set, at least for a bit.

When I went to ask about which of those things we want for dinner I was smacked upside the head with how utterly brainless I actually am.

One of the meals I’d planned still required me to use my stove top, which no longer works now that the gas is disconnected. I’m not aware of any way to boil eggs without it, so that meal is out.

Then with a sinking feeling and wanting to crawl back into bed and not get out until I have a working stove again, I realized that every single one of those meals I planned requires use of the oven. The oven that will, barring any more surprises, be disconnected tomorrow.

Why was I just thinking about needing to get by until we could reschedule delivery of the new stove? Apparently I’m not the only one that this little fact slipped past the logic processing section of their brain because no one else caught it either.

If everything goes well, which, really, we know has about the same odds of me winning the lottery, we should be able to schedule delivery for Friday. Saturday at the latest. So, it won’t be too many eating out nights, but more than I’d hoped we’d have to do.

But that is if everything goes smoothly. Ha! Right.

New Resident Arrival

We officially have a new resident in the house!

Hubby and MC ended up having to make the trip to pick up MCG without me because my stomach decided to try and secede from my body the night before we were supposed to leave and there was no way I could sit in a car for 8 hours a day for 2 different days. I felt absolutely horrible, both physically and emotionally, because I also felt like I let everyone down.

It was a horrible couple of days while they were gone. This trip triggered some not so fun emotions and stress beyond just not feeling well physically. I talked to some friends and realized that I just might be at that point in my life where I need to be discussing some hormone options with my doctor because my brain isn’t behaving well with way more things that just my old lady memory.  Everyone did make it home safe and sound and both my stomach and my brain have calmed down for now.

We are working on painting her room today so she can actually settle in and start feeling at home. When I say “we” I really mean MC and MCG. I did help by getting most of the edging done, but they are working on the rest of it themselves and I’m trying to stay hands off.

I am discovering that even though I’ve known that I have a few control freak tendencies, there are WAY more than I realized and I need to learn to put a leash on that. lol!

After we get MCG’s room set up the way she wants it after the paint is dry, I am free to turn my focus back to finishing my studio.

One more day!