Book Review: Abandoned, Max Revere – Book #5

Author: Allison Brennan
Book Name: Abandoned
Release Date: August 14, 2018
Series: Max Revere
Order: #5
Genre: Mystery/Suspense
Overall SPA: 4 Stars
4 Stars



Blurb: Investigative reporter Max Revere has cracked many cases, but the one investigation she’s never attempted is the mystery from her own past. Her mother abandoned her when she was nine, sending her periodic postcards, but never returning to reclaim her daughter. Seven years after the postcards stop coming, Martha Revere is declared legally dead, with no sign of what may have happened to her. Until now.

With a single clue―that her mother’s car disappeared sixteen years ago in a small town on the Chesapeake Bay―Max drops everything to finally seek the truth. As Max investigates, and her mother’s story unfolds, she realizes that Martha teamed up with a con man. They traveled the world living off Martha’s trust and money they conned from others.

Though no one claims to know anything about Martha or her disappearance, Max suspects more than one person is lying. When she learns the FBI has an active investigation into the con man, Max knows she’s on the right path. But as Max digs into the dark secrets of this idyllic community, the only thing she might find is the same violent end as her mother.

New York Times bestselling author Allison Brennan weaves the intimate, unputdownable story of an investigator confronting the most important–and most dangerous–mystery of her career.

Main SPA Evaluation Areas:

Characters: 4/5 Stars
Believability: 3.5/5 Stars
Personal Opinion: 4/5 Stars

This one was better than the last because you get back to Max being more of the focus of the story. This one even more so than most because you get to delve into the history of her mother and all that was going on behind her leaving Max behind.

There were bits of this that tended to push hard on the believability barriers with some pretty heavy coincidences and Max’s newest love interest being a little close to insta-love, but these only dinged my rating a little bit. I was still impressed with the fact that enough is left open along the way that you don’t know for certain what happened with Max’s mother until deep into the story.

It is going to be interesting to see how, or if, the series continues from here after the events in this book because so much will need to change for Max. Considering this was published a year ago and I don’t see the next book yet, I don’t know for sure if there will be another one or if this closed out the series. The way it ended, it could go either way and I’d, mostly, be okay with it since there really aren’t any lose threads left hanging. I would be disappointed as I’ve really enjoyed Max and I am not ready to be done with her yet.


Book Review: Shattered, Max Revere- Book #4

Author: Allison Brennan
Book Name: Shattered
Release Date: August 22, 2017
Series: Max Revere
Order: #4
Genre: Mystery/Suspense/Crime
Overall SPA: 3.5 Stars
3.5 Stars



Blurb: Over a span of twenty years, four boys have been kidnapped from their bedrooms, suffocated, and buried nearby in a shallow grave. Serial killer or coincidence?

That’s the question investigative reporter Maxine Revere sets out to answer when an old friend begs her to help exonerate his wife, who has been charged with their son’s recent murder. But Max can do little to help because the police and D.A. won’t talk to her—they think they have the right woman. Instead, Max turns her attention to three similar cold cases. If she can solve them, she might be able to help her friend.

Justin Stanton was killed twenty years ago, and his father wants closure—so he is willing to help Max with her investigation on one condition: that she work with his former sister-in-law— Justin’s aunt, FBI Agent Lucy Kincaid. Trouble is, Max works alone, and she’s livid that her only access to the case files, lead detective and witnesses depends on her partnering with a federal agent on vacation. She wants the career-making story almost as much as the truth—but if she gets this wrong, she could lose everything.

Haunted by Justin’s death for years, Lucy yearns to give her family—and herself—the closure they need. More important, she wants to catch a killer. Lucy finds Max’s theory on all three cases compelling—with Max’s research added to Lucy’s training and experience, Lucy believes they can find the killer so justice can finally be served. But the very private Lucy doesn’t trust the reporter any more than Max trusts her.

Max and Lucy must find a way to work together to untangle lies, misinformation, and evidence to develop a profile of the killer. But the biggest question is: why were these boys targeted? As they team up to find out what really happened the night Justin was killed, they make a shocking discovery: Justin’s killer is still out there … stalking another victim … and they already may be too late.

Main SPA Evaluation Areas:

Characters: 3.5/5 Stars
Believability: 3/5 Stars
Series Expectations: 3.5/5 Stars

Personal Opinion: 3.5/5 Stars

I had a few issues with this book in comparison to the other books in this series. My first and biggest issue was the fact that this really isn’t a Max Revere story. It is so much more a Lucy Kincaid book, which is a different series by the same author, and one I haven’t read.

It was probably meant to be something of a crossover between the two series, which I may have enjoyed, but this didn’t even give an equal split, or something even resembling that, as far as page time between Max and Lucy. It only gives lip service to any kind of actual partnership. This is the Lucy show. So much so, that Max is rendered nearly useless and placed in the role of a background character. There was so much Lucy on the page, you get massive amounts of background information about her all through this story. Some of those pieces are potentially even spoilers for that other series, so if you haven’t read any of those books, this one could be problematic.

This may not have been a huge issue for me, but the characters are VERY different. I enjoy the Max Revere books for a reason and there was very little of those reasons in this one because you saw so little of her. One of the reasons I’ve enjoyed those books is because she has always come across as realistic and human. They are also a slightly different view and take on a classic crime drama because she is an investigate reporter, rather than in law enforcement. Lucy on the other hand, along with her entire, massive brood of a family, border on the nearly super human with their brilliance and skills, and fall all over the map of the law enforcement range. The introduction to her and her family pushed all kinds of believability buttons for me, which, until this book, really hadn’t been an issue.

If I could push past that and look at just the story outside of the Lucy piece, this was still a good book and I really enjoyed those pieces of it. I can’t say that it did anything at all for me as far as encouraging me to pick up any of the books from the Lucy Kincaid series. I am a little curious about all the little bits that get dangled in front of you in this book, but I can pretty much tell before I ever pick up a book that I will be constantly battling that believability wall and will have a hard time liking them.

I will still be picking up the next book in this series, but I really hope that this isn’t any indication that it is going to go a similar route to what I can see with the other series.

Book Review: Poisonous, Max Revere- Book #3

Author: Allison Brennan
Book Name: Poisonous
Release Date: April 12, 2016
Series: Max Revere
Order: #3
Genre: Mystery/Suspense
Overall SPA: 4 Stars
4 Stars



Blurb: Teen-aged Internet bully Ivy Lake fell off a cliff and few people cared … except her mentally-challenged eighteen-year-old step-brother, Tommy. He loved her in spite of her cruelty. He’s distraught and doesn’t understand why his blended family is falling apart. After a year, the police still have no answers: Ivy could have jumped, could have been pushed, or it could have been an accident. With too many suspects and not enough evidence, the investigation has grown cold.

Tommy thinks that if someone can figure out what happened to his step-sister, everything will go back to normal, so he writes to investigative reporter Maxine Revere. This isn’t the type of case Max normally takes on, but the heartbreak and simple honesty in Tommy’s letter pulls her in. She travels to Corte Madera, California, with her assistant David Kane and is at first pleased that the police are cooperative. But the more Max learns about Tommy and his dysfunctional family, the more she thinks she’s taken on an impossible task: this may be the one case she can’t solve.

If Ivy was murdered, it was exceptionally well-planned and that kind of killer could be hiding in plain sight … planning the next act of violence. Max believes the truth is always better than lies, that the truth is the only thing that matters to gain justice for victims and their families. But for the first time, she wonders if this time, the truth will kill.

Main SPA Evaluation Areas:

Characters: 4/5 Stars
Believability: 4/5 Stars
Personal Opinion: 4/5 Stars

It has been a really long time since I read the first two books in this series and I’m really kind of kicking myself now that it has taken me so long to get back to it as I really enjoyed this book.

I think one of the things that struck me with this is that it managed to hit a lot of personal points for me, which is both good and bad as that can really color how I feel about a book or the characters. The issues with characters that I struggled with or disliked the most were the ones that poked at some of my personal personality trait peeves, but that is actually something that makes everything in the story feel so real.

I still like the slightly different take these stories have on the traditional crime drama. You definitely get some of the elements you would from a crime drama, but from a less rigid and structured standpoint, allowing the story to flow in a different way than if it were a straight up police procedural.

Normally, I like a book that I can figure out the mystery before it actually gets revealed. Every once in a while, it is nice to be surprised in a way that still makes the story work and make sense. I really didn’t expect this to end up the way it did, which was a really nice touch. I have a feeling this might just kick off a reading binge of the rest of the books in this series.



Notorious: Max Revere, Book 1

NotoriousAuthor: Allison Brennan
Book Name: Notorious
Series: Max Revere
Order: #1
Genre: Suspense/Mystery
Rating:  Really Good

Blurb:  Maxine Revere has dedicated her life to investigating murders that the police have long since given up any hope of solving. A nationally renowned investigative reporter with her own TV show and a tough-as-nails reputation, Max tackles cold cases from across the country and every walk of life. But the one unsolved murder that still haunts her is a case from her own past.

When Max was a high school senior, one of her best friends was strangled and another, Kevin O’Neal, accused of the crime. To the disgrace of her wealthy family, Max stood by her friend, until she found out he lied about his alibi. Though his guilt was never proven, their relationship crumbled from the strain of too many secrets.

Now Max is home for Kevin’s funeral—after years of drug abuse, he committed suicide. She’s finally prepared to come to terms with the loss of his friendship, but she’s not prepared for Kevin’s sister to stubbornly insist that he didn’t kill himself. Or for an elderly couple to accost her at the airport, begging her to look into another murder at Max’s old high school. Max is more interested in the cold case at her alma mater than in digging around Kevin’s troubled life, but she agrees to do both. As Max uncovers dark secrets, she finds herself caught in a complicated web of lies that hit far too close to home. And it’s becoming increasingly clear that someone will do whatever it takes to make sure the truth stays buried.

Review:  Even though I really enjoy this genre, I struggle to find books that I like because way too often they are written in a cliche loaded, Scooby Doo ending way that drives me crazy.  Thankfully, this one is not one of those and doesn’t fall into that category.

This has quite a bit going on, so you have to be in it and paying attention or you are going to miss something important.  With the two separate murders that Max ends up digging into, it could have easily gotten to be too much to follow, but this was written well so that isn’t an issue.

I liked Max’s character.  She is smart, resourceful, but far from perfect with her trust issues.  It is nice to see a character that isn’t capable of doing every last thing without help.  I like it when a character has their strengths, but when something falls outside of that, they are willing to acknowledge that and let someone else step in to cover.  We do get to see lots of other characters, but the focus is almost soley on Max.

On a slightly negative side, this does skirt the concept that the police are totally incompetent.  I think that it was handled pretty well overall, but it comes close to being on the too much side.  Nick’s character keeps it from getting into the realm of ridiculous and keeps it realistic.

I did really enjoy this.  Even though I had a pretty good idea of who the bad guy was going to end up being at an earlier point in the story, there were enough bits here and there that kept me thinking that there was a chance I was going to be wrong.  I like being able to figure it out along with the characters without it being too obvious or too obscure.  This had a great balance.  I’ll definitely be reading more in this series.