Beauty Within

This is a close up of the inclusion in a clear quartz sphere. I adore that I was able to catch a rainbow in the one below, though it isn’t quite a crisp as the one above.

I have lots of crystals around the house, so I’m sure this is going to be a recurring theme in my photography. Sorry for the spacing. I wanted it to show as large as possible.

Rainbowed Inclusion in Quartz
Rainbowed Inclusion in Quartz


I’ve been playing around with the camera on my phone. My last phone took horrible pictures, so I very rarely used it. I was floored by the quality I was getting when I got a new phone last year (Galaxy S7), but I never took the time to try and push its capabilities. I learned early on that if I zoomed in, I lost a lot of that quality so I just assumed that was universal. It doesn’t appear to work like that, though. Continue reading “Playing”