Color Series: Green Day 3

For anyone that wants to play along, my only suggestions (suggestions, not rules!) are:

The color is the dominate focus in the image as opposed to a small spot in a lot of other colors.

Drop a comment so I can follow along on your color journey.

That’s it! I hope you play along and have some fun!

Lilac Buds

Every time we have gotten a freeze this spring, I express my amazement that my flowers have mostly managed to survive and that I’m glad we are finally done with winter. Seems like mother nature is taking that as a challenge to see how long she can get winter to last this year and tosses out yet another freeze.

I haven’t managed to drag myself out into the still freezing temps to check on my flowers today, so I have no idea if they survived this last round. I’m just going to look at the pretty pictures from when I know they were still doing well and call it good.