Color Series: The In Betweens Day 3

Blues aren’t usually ones that trip my brain up, but as soon as it starts to really pull into the purple range of colors, all bets are off. Colors that are similar to this sort of periwinkle color are especially difficult for my brain to want to put into a single color group as it is just as much purple as it is blue. For me, this color in particular seems to sit right on the dividing line between the two.

I can also say that my camera did not do the color of these flowers justice. The color in real life seemed just a bit softer and just slightly less purple than this photo shows.

Color Series: The In Betweens Day 2

There are a lot of yellows that fall into this in between grouping for me. It seems that yellows tend to shade towards other colors rather than sitting firmly in yellow.

Both the yellow-greens and the yellow-oranges, like this photo, are ones I have a hard time just calling yellow. Unlike yesterday’s magenta, it doesn’t usually straddle the cool or warm barrier and lands firmly on the warm end of the spectrum. Probably because most of the colors it usually holds also still have a base of yellow. Anything else and it dips into a very neutral brown.

Color Series: The In Betweens Day 1

I’m finally getting around to working on this branched out color series. The focus will be on the colors that I don’t feel really fits solidly into one standard color or another.

I was going to try and target warm colors vs. cool colors as a way of trying to organize or group these, but I realized that my silly brain has about as much problem with that as it does with trying to label some of these as a standard color. So, that idea is getting tossed. I’ll just post the photos as I find them and a brief explanation as to what my brain does with that particular color.

As with my previous color series, my goal is for whatever photo I post to have a single color be the focus of the image, but I may give myself a little more wiggle room for these.

Magenta is one of those colors that refuses to let me put it in any single category. It is a kind of pink that leans too far red and has just a shade too much blue, which edges it closer to a kind of purple. It is a warmer color, but it has those bluish, cooling undertones to it. Not so much to drop it into a cool color for me, but it softens it just enough that it doesn’t entirely feel like a warm color either.

It is also one of those colors that from a photography standpoint, can go all over the place if you don’t make the right adjustments. It is one that seems to be difficult for me to get a true color in the photo in comparison to how I see it in real life.