Hard to Let Go: Hard Ink, Book 4

Hard to Let GoAuthor: Laura Kaye
Book Name: Hard to Let Go
Series: Hard Ink
Order: #4
Genre: Romance
Rating:  Really Good


Blurb:  Beckett Murda hates to dwell on the past. But his investigation into the ambush that killed half his Special Forces team and ended his Army career gives him little choice. Just when his team learns how powerful their enemies are, hard-ass Beckett encounters his biggest complication yet—a seductive, feisty Katherine Rixey.

A tough, stubborn prosecutor, Kat visits her brothers’ Hard Ink Tattoo shop following a bad break-up—and finds herself staring down the barrel of a stranger’s gun. Beckett is hard-bodied and sexy as hell, but he’s also the most infuriating man ever. Worse, Kat’s brothers are at war with the criminals her office is investigating. When Kat joins the fight, she lands straight in Beckett’s sights . . . and in his arms. Not to mention their enemies’ crosshairs. Now Beckett and Kat must set aside their differences to work together, because the only thing sweeter than justice is finding love and never letting go.

Review:  This is the last full book in this series before we get a cross over book into a new series.  As the last book, we finally get full resolution to all of the events left open in the rest of the books.

While I did really like this book, it was probably one of my least favorite of the series.  The characters were as well.  I just didn’t seem to connect with them quite as well as I did in other books.  I also think that how quickly so many things happened not just in this book, but in the series kind of caught up with me.  It all ended with a rather perfect, shiny bow tying all those lose ends together.

The stalker angle also really bugged me because it seemed so unnecessary and just added one more level of tension building drama in a story that is already beyond packed full of it.  It was just a bit much.

Again, I still really liked the story, but those things kept me from just out and out loving it.