Bendy Giraffe

A few years back, we went to a zoo where we saw this penguin. It was standing perfectly still, but had it’s head in such an odd position that it looked like it was upside down. The lack of movement and the unnatural looking position was kinda creepy looking (of course I didn’t get a photo), making it look as though it’s neck had snapped even though I’m certain it was just sleeping. MC being a massive fan of penguins dubbed it Broken Neck Penguin and it kind of became this running thing in the family. When we again went to a zoo this year, we run across this guy and it made me think of that penguin. While the positioning isn’t quite as drastic, it was still similar, so… Bendy Giraffe.

Much Appreciation…

Janie Leeds from Authentically 50 nominated me for a blogger award. I genuinely appreciate the thought so much, that she thinks what I do here is worthy of an award. That said, I’m gracefully declining, hopefully without offense.

Blog awards are nice and can be fun, but they just aren’t my thing. I do what I do because I enjoy it. I love photography and ranting and raving about books and being able to unload the garbage that runs around in my head on a regular basis and to sprinkle it all with the occasional platform for me to humbly brag about something I’m proud of. If any of that makes someone smile or think or makes them feel less alone in the world or inspires them, then that is just icing on a delicious cake.

I follow other bloggers that I find interesting for a variety of reasons, so trying to ever pick one that fits is always hard because they are all worthy for one reason or another. That is why that section of links is called “Awesomeness from Others”.

So instead, I’ll offer some animal cuteness.