Bright Center

Yesterday, I got the new filters installed, which made me happy. It made me even happier that they were the easiest plumbing project I’ve ever done. I had them both in and working in about 20 minutes.

I learned in my research yesterday that I can use the same underlayment I’m going to use for my floor under my cabinets to protect them from any moisture that might seep through the concrete. That means I don’t need an additional material that I don’t already have since I have enough to cover the entire space.

Craft Room Overview Layout
Craft Room Overview Layout

One adjustment to my cabinet plans that I’d been tossing around was to change my plans for the the “L” section that came back into the room (lower 36 x 72 section pictured above). The original plan was to have this built with a base cabinet and counter top like the rest of the space. Since this is in the middle of the room and sits in the open space to the rest of the basement, I was concerned that it might interfere with moving things around either in the basement or in and out of the storage space under the stairs since it narrowed down the space.

I finally decided that the best option is to make that section into a large, moveable work table instead. I’ll lose some cabinet space, but it makes the space a lot more versatile. This way we can move the table out of the way if we need to and open the area up for anything larger to get through the space (like the couch that is currently in the basement).

My concern about doing that was matching the table height to the counter height so that I had a consistent workspace all around. The solution is to get the table built first and then build the cabinets to match that height. I can do that since I’m building these cabinets from scratch and they won’t have to be standard, which they weren’t going to be anyway.

I then also had to actually build a table base. I already have the top, but no real place to start to build the base. If I was going to do a table, I’d want decent looking legs and not just square blocks. I found a place that makes the entire base in a kit form and you can customize it with the kind of legs you want, the measurements of the overhang and the table top size it needs to fit. After a lot of debate over the cost and eliminating any potential options I had here, I decided to go that route and have a base on the way.

It will take a bit to get here, so that gives me time to go through the rest of my plans to see if any other adjustments are going to need to be made. With the problem solved of what I need to do for the cabinets against the concrete and the decision on the table made, that is the last piece I need to resolve before I actually start getting all the wood I need to start building.

That and I still have to decide if I need to do something to level out the concrete before I can do any of those things.

I also have my inspection scheduled for tomorrow morning, so all fingers and toes are getting crossed that I actually pass this time.



The Daisy’s In The Details

You can tell that MC is finally starting to settle in because the number of texts to one of us at home have dwindled. At least one of us still hears something every day, but they are much fewer than in the first couple of days he was there.

It helps tremendously that he finally got his door and shower fixed. Who would have thought that having hot water and being able to get into your room without help would make things comfortable for a first time college student?! That and having to attend classes kept him from going stir crazy in his quiet dorm.

He is coming home this weekend to do some laundry and hang out. I’m not sure how long he plans to stay, overnight or the whole weekend, but I’m glad he felt comfortable enough to ask. He is a stubborn shit sometimes and refused my offer earlier in the week when it looked like the shower situation wasn’t going to get resolved quickly. It did show how determined he was to make it all work no matter how out of sorts and uncomfortable he was.

It is such a huge relief to see him getting comfortable. Just in time for me to start stressing about how BG’s back to school start is going to look.


Ready To Seed

For the first time probably since I got this daisy years ago it has multiple blooms on it. Normally it either doesn’t bloom at all or I only get one. This year I will have had at least 4 blooms, so I’m ecstatic.

These behave much like a dandelion in how they grow and bloom. The leaves look like very large dandelion leaves but softer. When they are done blooming, they seed out with fuzzy carriers much like the way dandelions seed. How they get from bloom to seed is different, but how they look is very similar.

This one isn’t quite at full seed yet, but it is well on its way.

Detritus Of A Daisy

Because apparently uploading so many images yesterday wasn’t enough photography for me, I had to take 100+ more images when I was done. All because I saw my Gerbera going to seed.

Gerbera Daisy Going To Seed
Gerbera Daisy Going To Seed

I’ve seen it do this before, but it had been so long since this bloomed, I’d forgotten it behaves similar to a dandelion, with the little seeds being surrounded by fuzzy spikes.

Gerbera Daisy Seed
Gerbera Daisy Seed

It is interesting how many of these seeds stayed attached to the petal. I wonder if that helps it fly or hinders it? I’d think the weight of the petal would make that hard. Not all stayed attached, so it more than likely just hadn’t broken away yet.

Gerbera Daisy Going To Seed
Gerbera Daisy Going To Seed

Every tiny movement knocked more of the seeds and petals off. I’d taken this outside to get better light and I lost so many of them. When I’d gotten all the shots I wanted of what was left, I didn’t want to drop them all over the place on the way back in, so I knocked it against the railing. Nearly everything fell off and flew away. Only a few determined stragglers hung on to make it back inside.