Craft Room Project: Recessed Area Design

I never realized how incredibly difficult it would be to design cabinet interiors when you are starting at square one and can do anything you want within the confines of the space you have to work with, so that whole process is going a bit slower than I’d like.

I did have a realization, though. The very first piece that needs to be done is the recessed area that is going to go above my jewelry bench. There will be no way to work on that if I have other cabinets in place, at least not easily because the cabinets would be in the way.

One of the problems with that space is that the final measurements didn’t actually come out as I’d planned and the pieces I’d planned to put there wouldn’t work because they were too deep and would hang out of the space, so the entire design had to be reworked. I spent days looking at all kinds of things, storage boxes and organizers along with all the stuff I needed to find homes for, trying to give me an idea of what direction I wanted to take it.

I think I have finally settled on a plan. It isn’t anything at all like the original, which was just open shelves that would hold existing storage boxes and bins. Now, it is going to end up looking more like an apothecary cabinet instead, something I’ve always really loved the idea of.

Recessed Area Design Layout
Recessed Area Design Layout

This plan works in a few of my existing, but smaller, storage boxes (ones that were supposed to go into a shelf space that has since been removed from the plans), some of my newer fabric sided bins, and a couple of different sized new drawer areas that will be used as a combination of storage for existing stuff and as working “project boxes” where I can keep the various different pieces of current projects contained and stored when I’m not actively working.

Grey Fabric Sided Storage Bin
Grey Fabric Sided Storage Bin

The design also leaves the upper section open as a shelf. I haven’t decided exactly how I want to use that space, but it has to be for things I don’t need often.

There were a couple of issues with this space that made it a challenge to design. One is that it is above my jewelry bench, which is one of the deeper countertops, making my ability to reach this space interesting. I could most likely grab the drawers while standing on the ground easily enough, but anything above that is going to need a step ladder (so much fun being short!) That makes accessing some of these places inconvenient.

The other issue is how messy this area is going to get. Anytime I work on a piece of jewelry that requires polishing or grinding, a ton of really nasty black dust gets kicked out everywhere, so all of those places really need to be enclosed as best as I can to keep the dust out. That is the biggest reasons why the drawers work best in that space. I might even have to seriously considering doing something like adding a large roller blind or something similar that I can drop over the area when I’m doing those kinds of projects to help cut down on that and the open space at the top would give me the room to go that route.

There are still a couple of details I need to work out, like what kind of pulls I’m going to need for the drawers and some of the finer measurement details to make it all fit exactly the way it should, but I’m pretty sure this is the final design.

Now I just have to pull off actually building it!

I think it’s finally time for a materials run.

Craft Room Project: Plans & Table Base

My table base showed up today!

Table Base Pieces
Table Base Pieces

I’ll have to do some light sanding and painting before I can start putting this together, but it is here. It is the first piece I need done before I can start building my cabinets so I can make sure everything is the same finished height. I’m absolutely stunned and how quickly this showed up.

I also finished my new layouts for the cabinets.

Cabinet Layout Plans - 2nd Round
Cabinet Layout Plans – 2nd Round

I have one corner I haven’t decided on for certain as to how I want it to work, but everything else is done.

I actually took the time to color code this so it was easier to tell what was upper cabinet, what was lower cabinet and what was counter top. It is so nice and clean now in comparison to my original drawing. For the most part, the changes are on the small side with little tweaks here and there to make every space work better and more efficiently as well as fitting around the outlets. I think I have it all down to how I want it.

The time it takes to work on the table, which is my next step, will allow me to work through the new changes in my head to make sure everything is how I want it. Then, I’ll have to actually plan out each individual cabinet so I can figure out materials. I have a feeling I’m going to need Hubby in on that to make sure I don’t absolutely botch the math, which is prone to happen.