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PSA: Do’s And Don’ts Of Supporting Authors

This applies to all authors, traditionally published, indie or any other type that might be out there. It could just as easily apply in the basic context to all kinds of areas, not just authors, but authors and books are my focus for this list. You would think some of these would be common sense… Continue reading PSA: Do’s And Don’ts Of Supporting Authors

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Looking For Reviewers

On to the part of the book process that I dislike with a flaming passion. Pretty much begging for help. As a raging introvert that struggles with most any communication, this part is excruciating, but necessary. That said, I do need some help from anyone that is willing to step forward and volunteer to read… Continue reading Looking For Reviewers

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March Was Good To Me

Normally I'd say you can't get much better than publishing and releasing a book, but... getting to celebrate 18 years with an awesome man ranks right the hell up there. And for that 18th milestone, that amazing, awesome man got me an upgrade for my camera that I've had for over 10 years. I haven't… Continue reading March Was Good To Me

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An Unexpected Turn: Book Birthday!

I am officially live on Amazon with the Kindle version! Happy Book Birthday to me! Please take a few to check it out. The blurb is below. Even if it isn't a genre you normally read, maybe you have a friend that does and you'd be willing to slide this under their nose. If you… Continue reading An Unexpected Turn: Book Birthday!

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Book Editing – Revisions Part 1.5

I just finished up the final edits from my editor for this round. I still have another full read through I need to do to make sure all my changes work and that I didn't break anything. I'm still feeling a little iffy at the moment because this ended up being such a choppy, broken… Continue reading Book Editing – Revisions Part 1.5