Another Goal!

I got notification that my book is finally, fully published on all the platforms I submitted to. One more publishing goal checked off. It’s a small goal, but it is still a pretty awesome one.

I am also probably going to have to place another order of the paperbacks for myself as all the ones I bought for the first round were gone before I could blink. I had about half of them accounted for when I placed the order, but between giving a few away for reviews and BG being a better salesperson than I am, I’m out.

I do still have an opening for a reviewer that wants any of the ebook versions. Just drop me a message if you are interested.



Nope. I’m not excited. I’m all calm and cool and not dancing crazily around the house like a little kid at Christmas. Not. At. All. *as I’m trying not to scare the pets with my squeeing like a loon*

Book release goal #2 has been hit. I have held physical evidence in my hands that I did in fact publish a book. It is SO pretty!

Okay, now I’m done for the day. Maybe.

One Goal Reached!

I didn’t set a lot of goals when I decided to publish my book. The ones I did set were small and, hopefully, achievable. Today, I reached my first one. I am now officially in my local library’s database and An Unexpected Turn can be checked out by anyone in its ebook form! Today is a very good day.