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Christmas Program Week

This weekend kicked off Christmas Program week for BG at dance, starting with ballet. It is crowded and sometimes not easy to see because of that, but I love these programs. They are smaller and more intimate than the huge end of year recital. This year was even more interesting as BG had her boyfriend… Continue reading Christmas Program Week

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Book Editing – Revisions Part 1.5

I just finished up the final edits from my editor for this round. I still have another full read through I need to do to make sure all my changes work and that I didn't break anything. I'm still feeling a little iffy at the moment because this ended up being such a choppy, broken… Continue reading Book Editing – Revisions Part 1.5

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Furry Chair Thief & Revisions Update

The kids are FINALLY back to school today after an extended Thanksgiving break thanks to a couple of snow days. Yay, right? Nope. They still get out early because that is what was already scheduled. Don't get me wrong. I love having my kids home. It was especially nice because Hubby worked from home as… Continue reading Furry Chair Thief & Revisions Update

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Revisions, Illness, Worry And The Start Of The Holidays

It has been one hell of a week and it doesn't look to be stopping soon. I've gotten about two thirds of the way through my revisions, which has been both harder and easier to do depending on which sections I was working. Those revisions have changed the tone of the book in a way… Continue reading Revisions, Illness, Worry And The Start Of The Holidays

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More Chaos? Sure, Why Not?

And again, everything seems to be hitting at once. At least this time it is all good stuff. Mostly. Hubby's annual bake sale at work is coming up so I am starting on all the baking for that today. I don't think I'm doing anything new this time, but I'll be sure to repost any… Continue reading More Chaos? Sure, Why Not?