The Indie Book Club

Pretty sure I’ve complained about how difficult it is to find books by other indie authors. Well, someone got brilliant and created a site that lists books just by indie authors. It’s called The Indie Book Club. It is still very much in its infancy, but it is another resource for both authors and readers of indie books. Lucky, lucky me, they listed me along with about 10 other books for this month.

The site allows visitors to see the most recent books added on the front page, or they can dig deeper into genres to find something specific. I found them on Twitter and managed to snag a spot for this month from a call for submissions, so they do take requests from authors to get their books listed.

Again, the site is still very new and a little basic, but it is a resource that I really haven’t seen before that is just for indie authors. So, if you are an indie author looking for another place to help get your book seen, or you are a reader that wants to help support indie authors, please go check them out.

Oh, and if you are a book blogger, please help them get noticed by sharing this post or writing one of your own. Every tiny bit like that does wonders to help the indie author community.