Shape Of Water Series #19

This is going to be the last one in this series. I could easily post another half dozen or more, but I’ve posted my favorites now and the others are similar enough to not be quite so unique even if they are still amazing.

I’ve had a blast with these, though. The fact that so many of these all look so different, but the basic source, that push through water creating a wave, is the same is incredible.

Even more incredible is the fact that it is only that single basic source producing such a huge variety. The fact that water does so many different things under different conditions is endlessly fascinating.

I’ve realized over the years that I’m really very much a water baby kind of person and that experiencing water in all it’s various different forms and behaviors is soothing to my soul.

Shape Of Water Series #12

I had really thought when I went hunting for my photo for today that this would likely be my last post in this series. Then I attempted to narrow it down to one and I still had nearly a dozen that I loved.

So… not the end, but I’ll probably attempt to find some other photos to post and make a larger gap between the remaining water shots. That means getting out with my camera, but that may not actually end up happening until after this weekend.

My purple rose of sharon is blooming, so finding subjects shouldn’t be that hard when I do venture out.

Shape Of Water Series #1

I really liked the concept of the photo series I did with the peonies, so I’m going to repeat it with this theme. I again enlisted the help of BG in creating some waves and movement in the pool so I could take photos of the play of water and light that happens when it is in motion. I did this last year and came out with some phenomenal photos and I wanted to see if I could pull it off again.

Nearly 600 photos later (easy to pull off when you are in action mode and holding down the button), and I managed to get quite a few. I was surprised by how few, but I also attempt to try and do some of these with my macro lens as well as my zoom. The macro lens just does not respond fast enough to get focused. I did get some while using that lens, but not many. I did get more than enough overall to run these as a series, though.

Like with the peony series, I’ll mix in other subjects along the way.

Splash Zone

I have discovered that I love taking photos of water in all it’s forms. Probably because it has so many and they are all so interesting. Swimming with the kids the other day inspired me to play, just to see if I could come even close to capturing the way the light plays with the water when it is moving around. My kids kindly played along and gave me some really lovely splashes to work with.

I find it fascinating how this water, even though it is in motion, looks like ice when the camera freezes that motion. Some more so than others, but for the most part these all remind me of ice.

Water Splash
Water Splash

I’m also absolutely blown away every once in a while at the incredible quality difference between my old camera and my new one. There is no way I would have gotten these amazing shots with the old one.

Water Splash
Water Splash

And I have SO MANY!! It was almost impossible to narrow it down to the four I’ve posted here.

Water Splash
Water Splash

I also have a bunch of really awesome ones where the water is more calm, but I’ll save those for another day.