Publishing Platforms

There are a wide range of platforms for indie authors to publish their works on. Some are extremely versatile, others are restrictive. Some are free, others have set up costs. I cannot vouch for all the platforms listed, but I’m listing them as a launching point for authors to being their research. Feel free to contact me if you feel I’m missing one.

Amazon – Provides a few different free options to publish including paperback and through their Kindle Unlimited program (requires exclusive publishing).

Draft2Digital – Offers a single point to publish across a number of platforms, including some of the bigger names like Amazon (small fee required), Barns & Noble, Apple Books, Kobo, Overdrive, and many more. They also offer services to help with some of the formatting and file conversions before you publish. They also provide you with a universal book like that has the links to all the platforms you’ve published on. You can even add links to platforms you published on outside of the Draft2Digital service.

IngramSpark – Offers services similar to Draft2Digital, but many of their services come with fees. They do offer print options that you don’t have available through Draft2Digital.

Smashwords – They are another all in one publishing company similar to Draft2Digital and IngramSpark.