Indie Author Book Blogger Support Network

The goal of this list is to give indie authors and bloggers/reviewers that are willing to read and review indie books a place to connect and start networking, creating a mutually beneficial partnership between readers and authors.

If you are a book blogger that wants to help support the indie community and are willing to take review requests from indie authors, please contact me and I’ll see about adding you to my list. I do ask that you provide a link to your blog (be sure you have a contact page) and links to any places you post reviews, a link to your review policy and a brief list of the genres you are willing to read. I will not list bloggers without their express permission as I want to be certain those that are listed actually want to be a part of this.

If you are an indie author, please respect the bloggers by reading their review policies before sending a request.

This is a work in progress and can be updated and changed at anytime, so check back often.