I finally forced myself to go to the doctor yesterday. I always dread it when I have to go for my annual bout of bronchitis because I feel like I’m drug seeking. I know what works. I’ve been doing this for years and yet, for years, the doctors always do the same thing. Give me various different things like steroids, inhalers, or whatever new drug they are pushing. The only thing that works is the steroids to calm things down and the cough medicine with the codeine to stop me from coughing, either until I puke or pee. Even then, it often takes several rounds to get this crap to go away and by then we are into February or March. Continue reading “Bleh!”

Not So Easy

I really thought that I was being smart when I reset my daily step count goal to 5000.  I mean, there for a while towards the end of the summer I was getting a daily average every month of over 11,000.  5000 shouldn’t be that hard.  I did okay, even good the first couple of days this week and then yesterday I was busy in the kitchen, got really close and then up and forgot to get a little bit more walking in after the kids went to bed and missed my goal by less than 300.  Today, another day spent playing in the kitchen, isn’t looking much better. Continue reading “Not So Easy”