Whirlwind: Kate Page, Book 1

WhirlwindAuthor: Rick Mofina
Book Name: Whirlwind
Series: Kate Page
Order: #1
Genre: Suspense
Rating:  Didn’t Like

Blurb:  An anguished mother loses her baby in a deadly storm…

A kind stranger helps Jenna Cooper protect her baby boy when a killer tornado rips through a Dallas flea market. But in the aftermath, Jenna can’t find her son or the woman who’d been holding him.

A journalist under pressure breaks the story…

Upon discovering the tragedy, reporter and single mom Kate Page, battling for her career and trying to hold her life together, vows to determine what happened to tiny Caleb Cooper.

A vortex of life-and-death forces

As the FBI launches an investigation amid the devastation, Kate uncovers troubling clues to the trail of the woman last seen with the baby–clues that reveal a plot more sinister than anybody had imagined. Against mounting odds, Kate risks everything in the race to find the truth…before it’s too late.

Review:  There wasn’t much at all that I liked about this book.

The confluence of events in this hits such impossible levels, and so early on, that there is no way to get this to rate much above a good.  Starting at only good, you don’t have a lot of room to move after that because it isn’t going to get better.

There really is no character development going on here, and considering there are loads of people that get point of view mentions, that is kind of sad.  All we get out of any of these people is a basic purpose in the story (reporter, mother, bad guy/girl, FBI, boss) and maybe one or two small personality traits and that’s it.  You do not get to know a single character on anything other than a superficial level.

While the plot is somewhat interesting and tries to tug on emotions with the devastation of the storms and the kidnapping, there just isn’t much intensity or depth.  The reader knows exactly what is going on from the get go and that takes the deeper, gripping kind of reaction right out of the story.  This doesn’t garner even a blip on the ol’ heart rate.  If you are expecting any kind of actual crime type drama or mystery, this is so not it.

The probability of even the potential for anything at all like this happening (with the number of tornadoes, the way they hit, who is impacted, the number of times and places) is so far in the ridiculous zone that if this were a movie, it would be on the same level as a truly bad horror flick.  It is utterly unrealistic on so very many levels.