Fire Kin: Half Light City, Book 4

Fire KinAuthor: M.J. Scott
Book Name: Fire Kin
Series: Half Light City
Order: #4
Genre: Fantasy/Romance
Rating:  Really Good

Blurb:  Imagine a city divided…a city readying itself for a war. The vampire Blood and the shape-shifting Beast Kind seek to seize control now that the treaty is broken. Only the humans stand in their way…but they stand without their Fae allies…and they desperately need help….

I chose to stay with the humans when the Fae withdrew from the City. I am a healer, and they need me. I know the odds are against them. I know they need reinforcements. But I never expected them to turn and seek aid from the depths of my past. Asharic is a powerful Fae, exiled by the Veiled Queen thirty years ago. Leaving me behind. But now the queen is dead and the throne is vacant, and Ash is returning to the City—my City—with his mercenary army.

It would be false to deny that there is still a spark between us, but I will not be taken in again. And I’m not the only one disturbed by his return. A Blood lord is poised to conquer the Half-Light City, and other enemies new and old are gathering to eliminate the threat Ash poses. To save the City, we will have to join forces. And pray we’re not the ones who burn…

Review: Fire Kin is book 4 and the final one in the Half Light City series.  This one covers Bryony’s story.  I was a bit surprised that this was the focus character for this book at first, because I just wasn’t expecting it.  I did really enjoy the direction it went, though.

As a final book, this closed out the series nicely.  All of the issues that were brought into play in all the previous books saw a clean and believable resolution without any major strings left hanging.  There are no plans to return to this series, though the author’s FAQs section does mention that she may be willing to return to this world at a later date.

While I did enjoy this book quite a bit, the characters were probably my least favorite of the series.  I just didn’t get quite as into them as I have the others.  I think part of that was because of the impressions I had formed of Bryony in previous books struggled to line up with how she came across in this book.  As for Ash, I didn’t feel like he was as interesting as the other male leads in the other books, either.  Something about the interaction between the two was just a tad off for me and that kept me from liking them as much.  I think I enjoyed the non-romantic part of this book the most.

As a series, I did really like this one as it was pretty different than the typical shifter or vampire or even fae book out there without stretching those differences completely out of whack.  This introduced me to a new author for me and I’ll be watching to see what else she has to bring to the table.

Iron Kin: Half Light City, Book 3

Iron KinAuthor: M.J. Scott
Book Name: Iron Kin
Series: Half Light City
Order: #3
Genre: Fantasy/Romance
Rating:  Really Good


Blurb:  Imagine a city divided. Fae and human mages on one side, vampire Blood Lords and shape-shifting Beast Kind on the other. Between these supernatural forces stands a peace treaty that threatens to shatter at the slightest provocation….

I was raised to do the right thing. But to my family that means staying safe behind the walls of human society. To be a respectable metalmage and never put myself at risk. But the treaty is faltering. And if it fails, nothing is safe. To help save the city and everyone I care about, I will use whatever means I can to ensure the negotiations to renew the treaty are successful—even if that means forging an alliance with a man who is the very opposite of the right thing….

Fen is trouble. Wild. He would rather bind himself in iron and drink himself into oblivion than learn to master the visions that come to him. Those visions might just hold the key to peace, and it seems that my power might hold the key to his control—if I can keep it around him….

Review:  As a series, I have really enjoyed the blend of Fae, Vampire, Shifters and Magic users that exist in this world.  It is a very unique blend that includes a touch of steampunk to the mix.  The first two books are a bit more self contained than this one.  You absolutely must know what has happened in those to really understand and grasp some of the underlying plot lines in this book.

The focus on this book is  Saskia, a metalmage, and Fen, a mixed breed seer and what their part is in the overall story arc of the series as well as their relationship with each other.  I’m not certain that their characters were quite as strong or interesting as the characters in the previous books, but this book wasn’t quite as clean cut as the others either.  It seemed to be more stage setting for the next book than anything which necessitated a level of complexity that we haven’t seen before.

Even though the characters didn’t come across as well for me, I did really enjoy this book.  There was an awful lot of stuff going on in this one and it ended on a “what the hell just happened” note that made it a bit frustrating with where it actually ended as I just wasn’t ready to be finished yet.