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The Ever Growing Project List

I really though that completing the last 3 holiday projects would give me time to breathe and relax before I started tackling other things. I thought wrong.

While I was working on the snowmen stocking holders, I had an idea that splintered off from those designs to something else. I figured that since I already had the tools out and was doing the same thing, I’d get the basics started for that side project even though I knew I wasn’t going to get it done by decorating day. So I now have several oversize wood ornaments that are sitting and waiting to be painted and decorated. The plan was to finish those up after I got my decorating done.

Well, we all know how my plans usually end up.

While I was trying to get those stocking holders finished, I had my neighbor ask me to make up a batch of masks for his kid that can’t seem to keep track of the ones he has. I promised I’d get to those as soon as I got my current pieces done.

I hadn’t even made it through the chaos of the Thanksgiving holiday before I had a request from my cousin to work on a family tradition piece for another cousin. So, now I have at least 2 additional projects I need to get done. Both the masks and the family tradition piece are somewhat time sensitive, so I’ve got to get started on those next.

The last week has been absolute chaos with the holiday and with getting all my decorations up. For the first time ever, I had a nightmare in my kitchen trying to prep for Thanksgiving as every single thing I attempted to make failed on the first round. If there is a Mercury Retrograde for things like baking, we were absolutely in it on Wednesday. I was ready to just cry and cancel the whole thing at one point, but managed to push through and get a decent meal out of it all anyway.

In the past, I’ve been able to get my decorating done in a day if I really push it or a day and a half if I take my time a bit. This year, it stretched to 3 because I just couldn’t pull it all together as quickly. My stupid annual cough has kicked in, but it is doing weird things this year, so I’m just worn down more than I’m used to. That said, it is all finally done and looks amazing.

I’m hoping I have all the things I need for these next two projects so I can get then knocked out and finally have some time to just sit and be for a while. I’d also really like that off switch for the creative portion of my brain. I need some quite for a while. And hell, maybe take some time to finally drag my camera out again.

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