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And There’s The Other Shoe

This whole thing really is hitting that “laugh or cry” button something fierce.

We had our plumber out to cap our gas line today. They were awesome. In and out, no problem.


They pulled out the stove and we discovered that we are hardwired in. This is a no go for the delivery guys. We now have to hire an electrician to turn that wire into an outlet.

That noise is the sound of my brains splattering on the wall after smashing my head into it one too many times.

2 thoughts on “And There’s The Other Shoe

    1. I did some looking after we found out and it’s apparently pretty common. They’d actually asked us when we bought our new one if our old one was hardwired and we just assumed that it wasn’t, especially since I’d never even heard of that as an option. You would think that with as common as some of these issues we’ve run into are that all these places would make certain that the people they use to deliver and install them would actually be able to deal with it. Not only was hardwire a question, but how many prongs if you had an outlet. How many people pull out their stoves and even have a clue about any of that?

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