Craft Room Project: Initial Counter Fitting

This isn’t all of them in place as I need to cut one of them (that’s still sitting on my table) and I still need it until all the cabinets are built as I need that extra height to work with my table saw. Anyway…

Initial Fitting For Counter Tops
Initial Fitting For Counter Tops

HOLY CRAP!! This looks absolutely amazing! Looking at this and seeing it in almost usable form is mind boggling that I did this.

After Hubby helped me put these in place, I was able to see how accurate I got on my cabinet height. Unless there is something I didn’t account for, this should match up perfectly with my table, which was the plan.

I do have a couple of problems I’m going to have to fix, though those are due to imperfections in the work the contractors did on the walls, which aren’t straight. The longer counter along the back wall needs to be shaved down a tiny bit as it isn’t sitting quite square and I have too big of a gap in the back on one side. Shaving it down a bit will allow it to fit a bit better, but I’m still going to have some gap as that wall is slightly bowed just to the right of the single outlet. I won’t know how bad that gap is going to stay until I can get that cut/sanded down a bit.

There is a similar gap along the right wall where the jewelry bench counter is. That one should be taken care of when I add my peg board between the recessed area and the counter. That wraps around the corner and partly along the back wall, so it may also take care of the worst of that gap as well.

All of those are relatively minor issues. I figured I would most likely need to do some trim around the back edge of the counter because I really didn’t expect the contractors to have actually gotten those walls straight. I’m going with looking on the positive side of this and accepting that it could have been monstrously worse and had those corners completely out of square to the point I’d have to try and cut a counter at a funky angle to get it to fit.

Even with those issues, I’m enormously pleased with how this looks. My vision for the space is really beginning to show and it is exactly how I’d hoped it would be.

Today is going to be a non-build day as I decided to take the day to finally do my running to multiple stores to attempt to get all my door trim as none of them have enough in stock for me to get it all in one place. That and I rand down my screw stock to having enough for maybe one more cabinet, if I’m really lucky, so I needed to make another supply run anyway.

My body needs the break today as well. I feel like I’ve spent days moving furniture around. In a way, that’s pretty accurate as those cabinets and counters are as heavy as some big pieces of furniture.


6 thoughts on “Craft Room Project: Initial Counter Fitting

  1. Addition to my comment on previous post: I’d forgotten that in addition to being a relative novice at this kind of project, as I think you are, you were also working from a poor quality base you’d been handed by your contractors, thus making fixes in the real space even more important vs drawing. I’m also curious to know if these problem areas i.e. gaps due to uneven wall surfaces, could have been anticipated? I’m thinking this might have been a possibility given that you are in essence “finishing” a previously unfinished and thus imperfect basement.

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    1. I don’t know if they could have been avoided. I honestly think some of this is the fact that you just cannot get perfectly straight base materials. An even slightly bowed 2×4 stud is going to throw your drywall off as it will curve around that bow. Some of that can be corrected when you build because attaching one piece to another can pull something straighter, but not always. That said, I know our contractors weren’t the best and made mistakes, so it’s possible some of that was just due to poor construction. There are reasons we add additional trim pieces to all kinds of things as they hide a whole lot of imperfections and mistakes. And why I will probably never attempt to build a piece I intend to stain because that needs to be at a whole other level of clean I don’t want to attempt.

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    1. Thanks! It kind of drives me nuts every time I have to make a change, but I realized that I’m extremely grateful I didn’t have someone else building these for me because those changes never would have happened and I don’t think I would have liked the end result.

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