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Well… Okay Then

I was scheduled to get my vaccine today. I was originally set to get the Johnson & Johnson one, but after the CDC and FDA recommended a pause because of potential clotting issues, my state has canceled all J&J appointments.

So, I won’t be getting the one and done but, thankfully, I was able to get a different one scheduled for later this week so I’m not delayed too much. After seeing the news this morning, I’m not too upset that I have to get stabbed twice instead of just once.

On another positive news front, the roofers were out to inspect our roof yesterday to try and figure out why we had water come in. Turns out that the water we got wasn’t from rain, but from condensation in the duct work from high humidity settings freezing during our insanely cold snap that then melting and dripped onto our ceiling.

Apparently you should turn off your furnace humidifier when you are going to see below zero temps to avoid this. I did not know that was even a possibility.

So instead of worrying that we were going to have to need the roof replaced (apparently ours is still in really good shape, so not even a concern for the near future), I just have to repaint the ceiling. I will take a little paint over a new roof at this point.

Considering our insurance is going to fork over a few thousand dollars to replace both of our garage doors because of the mower fiasco, I’m grateful to not have to have a second claim right now.

While things feel a little crazy right now, it seems to be a good news kind of crazy. I’m good with that.

6 thoughts on “Well… Okay Then

  1. I’m surprised they are pausing J&J given the statistics related to blood clots is literally 1 in 1,000,000. The risk of blood clots from birth control pills is 1 in 1,000 by comparison. You can bet the antivaxers are jumping all over this as *proof* that they’re right. I’m glad you were able to still get vaccinated soon.

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    1. I’m sure they are doing it to make absolutely certain they are still safe. The little I looked at the issues, this is a very specific kind of clotting that is pretty ugly if it happens. And yes, antivaxers are going to be eating this up. I don’t know if the demand just isn’t as high here or people haven’t figured out where to look to schedule appointments, but it was surprisingly easy get another appointment.

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      1. I’m glad you were able to get scheduled. My hope is that enough people get vaccinated that we can get back to some normalcy. Colorado is now saying masks aren’t mandatory outside which is a good change. I try to keep my distance anyways and usually keep one in my pocket just in case.

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