Craft Room Project: Random Thoughts

I got my first round of cabinet materials hauled home today. I’m still messing with the stain color because I cannot seem to even get close to the color I want, but I’ll need to put it all aside to start the paint-and-wait dance on the new stuff tomorrow.

While I was waiting on one of my test coats to dry, I got to thinking about the future value of this space. Now, I have zero intention of leaving this house until someone hauls my immobile carcass out the door or when I simply cannot safely handle the steps anymore (and I’ve seriously thought about solutions to that specific problem as well), but it is still something I think about and try to take into consideration when I do any projects that change the house. We’ve done a couple of things over the years that will somewhat limit options for future owners, so adding something so different has been a little uncomfortable for me.

This project is such a specialized space, someone looking to buy this house may be put off by a space that doesn’t work for their needs, which may limit potential interest. It dawned on me today, though, that with a little work, someone could turn that space into a second kitchen, an elaborate bar area, or take it a step further and turn the basement into an apartment/mother-in-law’s space kind of thing.

Basically, I just realized that even though it is a rather specialized space that only a kindred spirit would light up over having, it is still a space that non-kindreds could find appealing if they are willing to do a little work. The realization that I may not be limiting that pool as much as I thought makes me feel a little bit better about making such a unique addition to the house.



7 thoughts on “Craft Room Project: Random Thoughts

    1. Exactly! I definitely feel that way even more strongly because I know we have no intention of leaving any time soon. It was different when we lived in our last house because we knew it wasn’t where we wanted to stay. We were more careful there, but still found ways to make it a space we enjoyed.


      1. I get it. A house is a big investment and you want it to retain value. But what you did can be repurposed. It’s not like you built a bowling alley down there

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      2. With the right person (or budget really) ANYTHING can be changed. There was a gorgeous Victorian house on some land near us. It was a modern version, only about 10 years old, but still had all the style and details. Someone bought it, tore it down to the ground and built something entirely different. It was shocking to see, but it shows how far people are willing to go.

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