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Color Series: Green Day 1 (Happy Spring!)

I chose green for my next color. Mostly because I’m hoping I start seeing a lot more of it soon since we are now at the beginning of spring.

I’m definitely hoping that spring brings with it some new growth and positive change. I definitely need some of that at the moment.

We discovered some water spots on the upstairs ceiling last night. Enough that it was obvious we had quite a bit of water get in through the roof (most likely) in the last storm. We’ve had the occasional spot here and there, always after a heavy snow and then melt, and were told this is common that when that snow freezes, it pushes back up into the shingles and then comes in under them when it melts. These new spots are not that.

At this point, I have no clue what this means. If this is just going to be a minor repair or something more major like a whole new roof. Either way, it isn’t going to be fun and I’m not looking forward to the expense.

I went out this morning to have a look and took some pictures. There isn’t anything obvious, so I’m leaning towards a repair, but I also saw some potential problems, again, on our chimney. You have no idea how tempted I’m am to just have someone rip that sucker down to the ground and rebuild it. It has been a problem since day one and I’m so sick of it causing problems.

So, in an effort to find some positive, I’m going to kick off this green series and hope for the best.

For anyone that wants to play along, my only suggestions (suggestions, not rules!) are:

The color is the dominate focus in the image as opposed to a small spot in a lot of other colors.

Drop a comment so I can follow along on your color journey.

That’s it! I hope you play along and have some fun!

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