Craft Room Project: Starting Doors & White Cabinet

I’m back in paint and wait and paint again mode.

Starting to Paint Door Materials
Starting to Paint Door Materials

This time, it is getting the materials painted to start on doors. The plan is, for these materials at least, to work on the door for the access opening and the new doors for my white cabinet.

White Cabinet: Before New Doors and Paint
White Cabinet: Before New Doors and Paint

The more I got to looking at this, the more I didn’t like the idea of just painting the entire thing white. I can definitely do that, but I like the idea of the theme of the room reflecting in all the pieces. Since I decided that I’m going to stain the top of the dresser when I go to refinish it, I wanted the same kind of look for this.

The problem is that the tan wood look for that surface is a crappy wood looking veneer that can’t be stained. When I went for a materials run yesterday, I realized that there are several options for me to make changes to this to be able to do a stained surface. I can either take that piece off and add a new piece of good wood that can be stained, or I can build a cover kind of thing that just sits down over the top and edges of this.

Either way would work, but I think I’m leaning towards the second option to maintain the sturdiness of this (this is really just a crappy particle board kind of cabinet) and to cut down on what gets trashed from this.

That is going on my to do list once I’ve decided for certain on my stain color, something I was playing with yesterday, but didn’t come up with a final choice and still needs some work.

I realized when I went to take the doors off that the hinges are made differently than the ones I bought for the rest of my cabinets. Because I am worried about sturdiness, I decided to just paint these and reuse them. The won’t be the exact same look, but I’d rather that than do something that won’t support the new doors. The first coat is on those now and it ran me out of the basement for a while because that spray paint was nasty!

It will probably take me the rest of the weekend to get everything painted before I can start building again.

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