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Color Series

Yesterday, my cousin inspired me when she posted something that prompted her friends to post a photo with a certain color. It was one of those things where, if you participate, you were given a color to pass on to others kind of thing. It got me thinking and I decided I wanted to do a series of posts based on color themes.

I’ve been struggling to come up with photos to share lately because my time has been so heavily focus on the basement that I haven’t had much time to step out with my camera. That and we are still on the edge of spring, so the colors haven’t started popping yet.

After thinking about it, I’ve decided I want to keep it in the same vein I normally share photos, with one photo a day. So I’ll be posting a color of the week with a new photo each day that fits that color theme. The majority of photos will most likely be older photos, but I’ll try to throw in a new one here and there.

The concept just sounded really interesting and fun when I started thinking about it. I thought it would be even more fun if I could manage to get some of my photographer friends (or even non-photographers if they want to play along!) to join in and see if they could come up with a week’s worth of photos based on a color prompt.

I think I’ll post my first one either Saturday or Sunday. If you want to play along, I’ll post some suggestions (I’m not a huge fan of rules, so we’ll just go with suggestions) with the first color post of each week.

I’m also going to take color suggestions. What should my first color be? Be as specific or as generic as you want, ie: purple vs. lavender, and I’ll see if I can pull off a week of photos with that color.

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